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Virtual Reality in Virtual Training (Part 2)

Mar 23, 2021   /   by

Two weeks ago we posted the first part to Virtual Reality in Virtual Training. This week, we’re wrapping up with part two. The concept of practice through repetition is useful across many workplace tasks, says Derek Belch, Strivr’s CEO and founder, and a former student of Bailenson’s. “For sexual harassment training, for interviewer training, we’ve […]

Virtual Reality in Virtual Training (Part 1)

Mar 10, 2021   /   by

People have been talking about virtual reality coming to virtual training for years now. (We’ve even blogged about it) So where is it? Sure, we’ve all seen the compelling use cases in law enforcement and the military. But what about elsewhere? In 2019, NPR ran a story on how Walmart is currently using VR to […]

Teaching to the Google Generation

Feb 24, 2021   /   by

Marshall Shepherd thinks something may be missing when it comes to learning in today’s “Google It—What Does Wikipedia Say” era. His article in Forbes quotes another educator who believes memorizing facts should no longer be the emphasis in scientific learning since information can so easily be obtained with a quick search. She says students should […]

Best Practices for Securing Your Web Conference and eLearning Sessions

Feb 4, 2021   /   by

It actually happened. Hackers from the activist group Anonymous broke into a weekly conference call between the FBI and Scotland Yard and then posted the entire call on the Internet. What was the call about? Hackers. Rarely when people talk about information security these days do they include conferencing. But think about it. Tremendous amounts […]

Goodbye 2020…Hello 2021!

Dec 31, 2020   /   by

And so, we are at the end of a year where so many things made life so difficult for so many people, and for 330,000 people and their families in the U.S., a whole lot worse.  The hardest part of 2020 was the viscous grip of the global pandemic that in some way negatively impacted […]

Moving to a Fresh New Look: HTML5 and Adobe Connect 11

Aug 13, 2020   /   by

Approximately 3 years ago, Adobe announced a broad strategy to embrace open web standards and end-of-life Flash Player by the end of 2020. On their blog the Adobe Connect team confirmed the announcement.  Major browser vendors are already integrating open standards such as HTML5 into their browsers and deprecating Adobe Flash Player and most other […]

Should Trainers Teach Learners How to Learn?

Feb 17, 2020   /   by

Here’s a term you probably don’t hear much about: meta learning. The idea, according to Wikipedia, was first introduced by Donald Maudsley in a thesis written at the University of Toronto in 1979. It’s hard to draw up much about the man, but he defined his concept as the process by which “learners become aware […]

eLearning Trends to Watch for in 2020

Feb 7, 2020   /   by

What a year 2019 was for eLearning! Last year, we saw the rise of microlearning, mobile learning, just in time learning, and so much more. Video-based learning continued to take over while virtual/augmented reality gained a real foothold in large and other vertical-specific enterprises. So what’s in store for 2020? Here’s what we at CoSo […]

New Survey Shows Compliance Still a Concern for Video Conferencing

Feb 5, 2020   /   by

Compliance Week recently wrote about Smarsh’s ninth annual Electronic Communications Compliance survey, which shows only 42% of firms have policies in place to govern video conferencing and other collaboration tools. The survey queried over 300 compliance professionals in the financial services industry. In heavily regulated industries such as healthcare or financial services, compliant digital communications […]

Upskilling and Retraining in the Age of Automation

Feb 3, 2020   /   by

A certain buzzword has been making the rounds in the news lately: upskilling. Forbes even recently suggested it might be the most important word you’ll be hearing a lot about these days. With a third of today’s workers worried about being forced out by automation and digital transformation (according to professional services giant PwC), many […]

Is It Time to Drop the ‘e’ in eLearning?

Jan 15, 2020   /   by

You read the title for this post. And now you want to know: is CoSo Cloud suggesting that everyone drop the ‘e’ in eLearning? No, eLearning still accurately defines education applied through electronic means. Web-based learning. Virtual classrooms. Computer-based training. Webinars. Mobile learning. These are all forms of eLearning not only because they transfer knowledge […]

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