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What is StateRAMP?

StateRAMP is a cybersecurity initiative inspired in part by the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP). It provides a common method for verifying cloud security for state and local governments, analogous to the services FedRAMP offers for federal agencies. The framework is built on the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Special Publication 800-53, a respected cybersecurity guideline, ensuring the adoption of stringent security measures.

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Key Benefits of StateRAMP Authorization
Standardization and Efficiency
StateRAMP confidently provides a dependable method for verifying cloud security, ultimately leading to increased standardization throughout various government agencies which simplifies compliance processes and promotes seamless collaboration.

Enhanced Cyber Security
By setting up stringent standards, StateRAMP ensures cloud service providers fulfill top-notch cybersecurity requirements, authorizing solutions without any fear of data compromise from potential threats or breaches.

Cost and Time Efficiency
By requiring only one assessment from cloud service providers, StateRAMPS saves valuable time and resources for both the providers and the government agencies involved.

Industry Recognition
StateRAMP follows NIST guidelines, which makes it a highly respected and widely recognized cybersecurity standard, increasing credibility and trustworthiness within the government sector.

Collaborative Community
Collaboration among all stakeholders, including providers, policymakers, industry experts, and government officials, is absolutely essential to drive the future of cybersecurity and effectively adapt to evolving threats.

Visit Learning Solutions Operating on the CoSo StateRAMP Platform

Virtual Classroom Solutions

Learning Management

Is your sensitive data at risk when conducting virtual training without StateRAMP authorized solutions?
Enhanced Cybersecurity
StateRAMP authorization guarantees that data and communications are secure against any potential cyber threats, providing agencies with the confidence they need to keep their information safe.

Compliance with Government Policies
Authorized StateRAMP solutions comply with the cybersecurity policies published by the government to reduce compliance risks.

Streamlined Procurement
With StateRAMP's "complete once, use many" approach, agencies benefit from significant time savings and reduced administrative workload.

Standardized Security Verification
Deploying StateRAMP authorized solutions provides agencies with full confidence in knowing adherence to the same meticulous standards every single time.

Cost Savings
Cloud Service Providers only need to undergo one assessment, which reducing operational costs, saving agencies’ time and resources.

Trusted Service Provider
In addition to StateRAMP certification, the CoSo Secure Private Cloud Platform has received FedRAMP, HIPAA, Hi-Trust, Soc-II, and X other third party authorizations, as a partner for government agencies deploying secure cloud-based solutions for virtual training.

Seamless Collaboration and Learning
Virtual training solutions from Class Technologies, Adobe Connect, and Adobe Learning Manager provide up-to-date features for remote learning, collaboration, and communication, with StateRAMP security on the CoSo Secure Private Cloud Platform.

Industry Recognition
StateRAMP's adherence to NIST guidelines and its growing reputation in the cybersecurity industry have solidified its status as a highly respected standard.

Differences between StateRAMP and FedRAMP

Scope and Audience

The FedRAMP program concentrates on verifying cloud security for federal government agencies and their cloud service providers. However, the StateRAMP program is customized to fulfill the cybersecurity requirements of state and local government agencies.


Both StateRAMP and FedRAMP rely on the well-established NIST SP 800-53 framework to build a strong foundation for security. Nevertheless, StateRAMP is optimized to cater to the requirements of state and local governments through targeted modifications.


The FedRAMP cybersecurity framework is exclusively created for federal agencies, whereas StateRAMP is customized to cater to the distinctive cybersecurity requirements of state and local government agencies.

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