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What is CoSo Creds?

CoSo Creds provides a tailored, branded certificate which enables an organization to represent a different department, partner or vendor. Certificates can be added to any learning course or path. After completing a training course, the learner can immediately display a certificate on their desktop and/or mobile device.

Examples of CoSo Creds Certificates

Features and Functionality

  • Produce various custom certificates in a single Adobe Learning Manager instance
  • Custom branded certificates
  • Certificate signatures
  • Use in Courses and Programs
  • HTML Certificates can be saved as PDF
  • Easy to print in HTML
  • Various languages available

Additional options can include:

  • Completion dates
  • Unique certification codes
  • CEU’s achieved by learner

Target Audience

  • Vendor training
  • Company focused events
  • Partner training
  • Product training

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