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What is Adobe Learning Manager?

Adobe Learning Manager is a state-of-the-art digital learning platform. Your learners are offered a venture into a penetrating experience in decision making. With Adobe Learning Manager, you offer your customers an encounter to jump into their learning experience. Insert your learning by combining the LMS and using a robust API framework. You will incorporate your customers' unique brand, designs, and processes into the online learning experience.

Adobe Learning Manager

Experience a world-class enterprise LMS that:

  • Leading analysts and industry bodies recognize Adobe Learning Manager as a Premiere learning platform.
  • Adobe Learning Manager has received dozens of awards across multiple categories.
  • Leading brands around the world have adopted Adobe Learning Manager. Millions of engaged learners trust Adobe Learning Manager for consistency and ease of use.
  • This is an enterprise learning use cases.
Customer Education

Reimagine Customer Education

Endorsement of the product is seen directly due to the customer education programs. Maintain onboarding with the ability to enhance their knowledge by following their learning path. Collect and utilize information from report summaries to push the initiative forward. Determine a dedicated position positioned to advance gratification of client.

Photo of doctor

Investing In People IS Investing In The Organization

Advancing your manpower that is proficient and knowledgeable. Guidance from the AI engine bolsters aptitude of learning plans and sets them forth to associates. Build an environment that advocates the learner with gamification points, certifications, and badges. Utilizing date gleaned from reports run from distinct dashboards allows managers to determine the next path.

Sales and partner training

Align Training with Sales Goals

For organizations who have medium to large groups of people who require regular on-the-job training and mentoring which needs to be documented, this solution is perfect. On-the-job training (OJT) is training that is delivered while an individual is performing tasks or processes related to their occupation. The employee typically performs tasks that are essential to their job function with the supervision of a manager, coach or mentor.


Simplify and Automate Compliance

With numerous aspects in reporting at your fingertips, you can adopt an LMS that enables leading edge features and effortless set-up. Skip the convoluted delivery of compliance training and always be adept to handle any scrutiny.

Employee Training at the Point of Sale

Training Delivered at Point of Sale

Propose upskilling or training learning programs, while promoting their own instance of the LMS to franchisee owners and branch heads. Educate beyond the audience divisions to your franchisee workforce and establish the global brand standards. Using the multi-dimensional report suites, you can deliver admittance to in-house courses, off-the-shelf learning content (third-party), all while recording their successful learning initiatives.

Gamification Points Redemption

Learning Experience Platform

Design environments which perfectly represent a company's style and is positioned to address multiple parameters. Equip your users to delve into an immense opportunity for learning. The recommendation engine works on content that’s created as well as with content curated from leading providers such as LinkedIn Learning, Harvard Manage Mentor, Get Abstract, and more with Adobe Learning Manager, you no longer need a separate LMS and LXP for your enterprise. Content conceived from leading providers, along with Adobe Learning Manager and utilized thru the recommendation engine overcomes the need for a separate LMS or LXP for your enterprise. These providers are LinkedIn Learning, Harvard Manage Mentor, Get Abstract, and more.

Headless LMS Examples

Headless LMS

Deliver learning content natively within any app or website by taking advantage of the “headless LMS” capability in Adobe Learning Manager that makes the content accessible via APIs. Embed the core capabilities of the LMS within Adobe Experience Manager Sites or enterprise apps such as (SFDC), Slack, and others.

Adobe Learning Manager Integration graphic


Integrate Adobe Learning Manager with a plethora of other enterprise apps and systems via an extensive set of APIs & Connectors. Bring in complex user data from other enterprise HR systems, export analytics data to visualization tools, embed the experience in a headless avatar using the Adobe Experience Manager Learning components, and do much more. logo Integration

Train sales teams more efficiently by providing them the convenience of accessing assigned courses right from (SFDC). Use the built-in Salesforce connector to match SFDC user details with Adobe Learning Manager. Allow your sales reps to get a full view of their personalized learning home page and receive notifications about upcoming learning tasks within SFDC.

Image of Gamification example


Selectively enable gamification among a peer group, where learners strive to get cool badges and race ahead on the leaderboard. Recognize and reward learners when they exhibit qualities such as initiative and involvement or when they achieve specific learning milestones.

Graphic Representing AI Recommendation Logic

AI-based Training Recommendations

Take advantage of the AI-powered recommendation engine and suggest learning programs to users within their landing page. The recommendation logic is based on implicit employee traits drawn from other enterprise HR systems, lookalike traits populated from an extensive resume & skills database, and explicit interests gathered from user input. The user can override the selection from the My Interests panel.

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