eLearning Development

Custom eLearning Content to Improve Business Performance

As organizations train employees on their unique products and processes, they increasingly rely on eLearning tailored to their business use cases.

Moreover, it needs to be aligned to business outcomes. Organizations also need custom developed courses to depict their brand, culture and values. However, building engagement in custom learning is effort intensive.

CoSo Cloud has the resources and capability of delivering such custom content. We design and develop tailor made eLearning solutions that suit your audience, improve their performance, and are essentially guided by your business drivers. Our solutions are learner-centric and built using a wide range of instructional approaches like micro-learning, gamification, interactive videos, and more.


Micro-Learning Units, Interactive Controls, Mobile-Friendly Design, Gamification Elements, Inclusion of Assessments

Creative Mix of
Instructional Formats

Videos, Games, Simulations, Quizzes, eBooks, Infographics, Scenarios, Stories, Assessments, Animations, Interactive ePubs, Edumercials

Guided By
Business Drivers

Time-to-Market, High Compliance Ratio, Performance Improvement, Cost-Effective Development, Easy to Maintain, Trackable

CoSo Cloud incorporates a refined process for development projects. This process utilizes many roles to successfully complete each project.

Role examples include subject matter experts, instructional designers, developers, media specialist and more. Since many of our customers may have some of this talent in-house, CoSo Cloud carefully plans and coordinates content development projects to align the talent of our customers along with our staff to ensure the projects operate at peak efficiency.

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Authoring Tools

Authoring Tool-Based Development

Adobe Captivate, Articulate 3/360, Lectora, dominKnow Flow, Articulate Rise, Custom HTML5 Authoring Framework

Microlearning vs. Macrolearning


Nudge-Learning, Videos, Animations, Infographics, Chunking Large Courses into Smaller Modules, Bite-Sized Nuggets

eLearning interactive videos


Interactive Videos, Illustrated Videos, Animated Videos, Photo-Based Videos, Infographic-Style, Icon-Based Videos, Explainer Videos, Product Demos, Marketing Videos, Concept Videos

Image of Gamified learning

Gamified Learning

Onboarding, Product Training, Process Training, Scenario-Based Learning

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