CoSo Radiate

Quickly Create Unique, Branded, Learning Views

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What is CoSo Radiate?

CoSo Radiate provides unique learner views that target specific partners, brands or user groups. This extension allows organizations to set up new branded experiences on the fly without any programing knowledge. The branded interface can be implemented in less than 15 minutes and provides each of your user groups a learning environment that matches their specific style.

Coso Radiate Examples

Features and Functionality

  • User group branding
  • Ideal for an organization's partners, franchises and customers
  • Manage multiple user group views from a common dashboard
  • Administrative site management
  • Independent reporting for each user group
  • Enable individual domains the ability to add users independently

Target Audience

  • Customer Training
  • Partner Sales Training
  • Franchises
  • Subsidiaries
  • Department Training

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