Brand Protection and Brand Identity for High Consequence Learning Initiatives

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Why is Brand Protection and Brand Identity important in learning and development?

A brand is a framework around how your learners’ experience your organization's education and product information. The visual styling and learning workflow define your organization's brand and impact learners' perceptions. These and other components contribute to the experience and expectations about who and what you are as an organization and influence learners to keep coming back for more.

Microsoft Example

Generic Is Not An Option.

Successful organizations recognize that brand-specific experiences are an extension of the overall business strategy. The CoSo team has the knowledge, tools, and strategic framework to deliver impactful branded learning experiences that resonate with your learners. Well branded training programs build customer retention and loyalty. It also drives consistency and promotes a familiar experience for your customers and sales channels.

Domino's Global Branding example

How Can CoSo Help?

For Global Enterprises that want to have complete control over the eLearning experience, CoSo refines Adobe Learning Manager for each distinct customer learning and development use case. Unlike standard Learning Management Systems, CoSo assimilates the user's unique brand, designs, and processes as part of the online learning experience.

Examples of engaging, branded content

How Do We Maintain Consistency?

A strong brand promotes recognition and recall. Our business analysts and designers focus on the experience and how to convey your brand in all learning encounters. The CoSo team aligns the learning environment with the organization's business objectives. The benefit of well-planned learning experiences strengthens and differentiates your brand while ensuring that you develop content that genuinely resonates with your audience.

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