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What is CoSo Viewer?

CoSo Viewer is an add-on application that allows viewers to preview the first module of any course in Adobe Learning Manager without logging into the application, and without the need to consume a license. This application can be used with the CoSo Sync N Sell ecommerce application, or as a standalone page used in front of their own native or headless Adobe Learning Manager LMS.

CoSo Viewer Examples

Features and Functionality

  • Learners do not need an LMS license within the application when previewing
  • Learners can make more confident decisions before selecting specific trainings
  • Provide a more consumer friendly experience
  • Shared links to previews expands your potential audience at no additional cost
  • Makes content more accessible
  • Great promotional tool for training sales

Target Audience

  • eCommerce (CoSo Sync N Sell)
  • Customer Training Programs
  • Partner Training Programs

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