Headless LMS

For Global Enterprises who want to have complete control over the eLearning experience, CoSo refines Adobe Learning Manager for each distinct customer learning and development use case. Unlike standard Learning Management Systems, CoSo incorporates the user’s unique brand, designs, and processes as part of the online learning experience.

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What is a Headless LMS?

A Headless LMS enables an organization to have complete control of the learner experience while leveraging the existing backend architecture of Adobe Learning Manager. This solution offers enterprise companies a tailored learner experience that perfectly aligns with the company branding standards and a customized workflow. A learner enhanced environment is a key component in a positive end-to-end learning experience.

Train Customers, Partners and Franchises

Train Customers, Partners and Franchises

Deliver an engaging learning environment to your customer base. Your customers are more likely to participate in company training when the experience is designed for them.

What is a microsite?


What is a training microsite? Training microsites, also known as Learning Portals, enable companies to create custom learner dashboards that target specific partners, franchises, sales channels or customers. Each microsite can be designed a specific user group and you can manage multiple microsites from a centralized dashboard. Independent and collective reporting makes it easy to manage all your learners' activities.

Live Event Streaming

Live Event Streaming

Organizations who want to communicate live events with large global audiences leverage streaming platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo and other platforms. These services make it easy to create engaging virtual events which reach customers, enthusiasts and employees around the world. As well, you will be capable of integrating the organizations messaging within the learning environment with event streaming.

OJT Trainer Scan

OJT Trainer Scan

For organizations who have medium to large groups of people who require regular on-the-job training and mentoring which needs to be documented, this solution is perfect. On-the-job training (OJT) is training that is delivered while an individual is performing tasks or processes related to their occupation. The employee typically performs tasks that are essential to their job function with the supervision of a manager, coach or mentor.


As the learning landscape evolves so do the business models of the training facilitators and companies. Eliminate time typically needed to process payment. Enroll and administer learners with ecommerce integrated right into your learning environment. Utilize a B2C or B2B model to advertise, register and deliver any training event or self paced courses.

Extendable Social Learning

Now, integrate Social Learning experiences within your custom headless learning solutions. Adobe Learning Manager allows public access to its Social Learning APIs. Empower learners to share and discuss what they are learning. Social learning focuses on allowing learners to interact with their peers for a completely collaborative learning experience.

Gamification Points Redemption Store

Take your learners beyond simply earning points. Make those point tangible by adding a Points Redemption Store and enable your learners spend them on rewards and incentives.

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