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Secure Communications and Virtual Training without compromising HIPAA regulatory compliance

Reduce Risk Exposure, Improve the Patient Care Experience and Fast track Go-to-Market Development

As the healthcare industry is evolving with the Affordable Care Act, changing HIPAA regulations, and coding for insurance companies, the risk for compliance exposure increases. It’s ever important that healthcare professionals meet regulatory compliance by keeping up with the latest regulations, processes, and information and protect private patient data (PHI). The cost of non-compliance can mean serious OSHA penalties or HIPAA fines.

A large and growing number of healthcare providers, payers and IT professionals are using utility-based cloud services to process, store, and transmit PHI. CoSo enables covered entities and their business associates subject to the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) to leverage the secure CoSo Cloud platform to process, maintain, and store protected health information.

In order to meet the HIPAA requirements applicable to our operating model, CoSo Cloud aligns our HIPAA risk management program with FedRAMP and NIST 800-53, a higher security standard that maps to the HIPAA security rule. The CoSo Cloud is SOC 2 + HITRUST certified.


Why do HCPs need to worry about compliance and provide
secure training and collaboration?

Ongoing Professional Certification

Healthcare professional must regularly complete training certification renewal and on-going professional development and track completion for compliance audits and certification.

Mandatory Compliance Training

Manage obligatory training programs such as HIPPA and OSHA Training to ensure that all employees adhere to regulatory procedures specific to their job role, area of specialization, and location.

Significant Fines if Found Non-Compliant

What is your cost of non-compliance? The cost of non-compliance to OSHA is expensive. Lawsuits can run in the millions.

Safety of Mobile Access

90% of the people in Healthcare do not sit behind a desk anyway, but need to collaborate on PHI. Pharmaceutical companies need to train a distributed sales teams on proprietary research or drug formulations.

Complex Compliance Landscape

Healthcare IT workers can get lost trying to manage the security requirements needed to meet compliance standards from federal and state agencies.

Maintain a Good Reputation

Ensure that your practice, hospital or pharmaceutical keeps sensitive data and PHI secure and private so patients and clients feel protected.

Distributing Expertise

Subject matter experts now have the right tools at their fingertips to build training content that needs to be communicated quickly to others. Share best practices, new medical techniques, and other important information. Large numbers of employees can be trained simultaneously.

With CoSo, you can rest confidently in the security of your data and reliability of your communications.

We offer secure, immersive virtual training and web conferencing tools that eliminate the cost of travel, improve the speed of information dissemination, and improve information retention with engaging eLearning environments. Our secure private cloud ensures sensitive data and communications are secure, compliant and always available.

  • Conduct compulsory training programs to ensure that all employees adhere to compliance and regulatory procedures related to their job
  • Ensure and track continuing education for professional education
  • Remain compliant with a SOC II Type 2 + HITRUST, HIPAA, Privacy Shield, GDPR and PIPEDA and FedRAMP compliant dedicated Private Managed Cloud
  • Securely protect data and conversations for private patient communications
  • Have a unified view of the training in progress with CoSo Insights, providing real-time detailed analytics on course attendees, sessions to help you reach and track compliance
  • Digital records stored in real-time and ready for efficient inspection
  • Ability quickly export files or recording to satisfy compliance audits
  • Custom Integration with existing technologies including Single Sign-on, LMS, Audio and Video
  • Customize the tools to your specific business and brand
  • Have reliable access with 99.99% uptime so you’ll never miss a second of business
  • Direct access to a 24x7x365 U.S. based technical support team
  • Receive a dedicated customer success manager to ensure success
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