General Services Administration (GSA) Taps CoSo for Highly Secure Global Collaboration

GSA was able to add secure screen and document sharing to its solution’s collaboration capabilities according to the clearances of each user.


GSA drives excellence in the business of government by anticipating the future needs of ‘customer’ agencies to ensure smarter, more strategic decisions that provide top value for the American agencies and citizens they serve. This independent agency collaborates with other agencies, providers and experts to devise acquisition solutions that offer private sector professional services, equipment, supplies, and IT to all government organizations, including the military. GSA turned to CoSo for a conferencing and collaboration solution that could connect 16,600 GSA users with partners and customers around the world while conforming to strict security requirements without compromising reliability, scalability, and affordability.


GSA required a FedRAMP-certified cloud solution when none was available. CoSo was well on its way toward achieving its FedRAMP Authority to Operate (ATO) status during the implementation and is now FedRAMP Moderate certified. Because security clearances varied greatly from user to user, GSA also required a very granular level of control and reporting to ensure all usage was in line with the agency’s strict data security policies. Finally, GSA needed a solution that could support a complex single sign-on process that allows users to access all of their applications with a single and secure login. GSA knew CoSo could deliver a web conferencing solution that was secure and reliable, but the agency also had several special security requests that few, if any, vendors could provide at the time.


CoSo supports GSA’s security and monitoring requirements with highly customized and sophisticated reporting capabilities that allow GSA to check on when the system was last accessed, by who and for what purpose, length and storage of each meeting, and a host of other parameters. CoSo also demonstrated unique expertise in the successful integration of Adobe Connect with GSA’s single sign-on, user authentication system, which allowed users to employ a single login to access all of the various services they were cleared to access—something very few telco and virtual meeting vendors have yet to master.

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