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Virtual classrooms customized to fit your learning culture, delivered on a secure, reliable platform

Effective virtual training requires a seamless experience in which instructors focus on teaching, and students easily join virtual classrooms and begin learning immediately, freed from technical distractions. We enable universities and other educational organizations to launch learning programs across multiple locations that reach a wide range of learners, yet are customized for the devices used by teachers and students, as well as bandwidth capability, and fully integrated with current LMS software.

CoSo Cloud provides a private cloud platform and professional services that enable educational organizations fully leverage their communications infrastructure to deliver transformational eLearning experiences. CoSo can customize and integrate elearning technologies, all with an incredibly secure platform that meets stringent security requirement.


Deliver first-class education from anywhere on any device.

  • Deliver personalized education to prepare students for the new workforce
  • Connect with students from anywhere on any device
  • Collaborate with colleagues to share best practices and improve the student experience


Access education and faculty regardless of location

  • Connect with faculty for personalized learning from anywhere on any device
  • Collaborate with fellow students to enhance experience
  • Harness always-on access for anytime learning


Empower educators and student to achieve their goals

  • Enable faculty to deliver personalized education
  • Provide always-on access to faculty and students
  • Hire best-in-class educators
  • Leverage technology to achieve more with less
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