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CoSo Insights is included in CoSo's Managed Service

With CoSo Insights, system and program administrators of Adobe Connect deployments can observe and report on activities happening across the globe. CoSo Insights provides a modern and secure, single-site experience providing real-time account system status, dashboards, reporting and ability to submit and monitor Technical Support tickets for their Adobe Connect Environment(s).

Real-time dashboards indicate the activity happening right now, and a wealth of reports provide data-driven insights into your user, meeting, and content activities over the life of your Connect implementation. Demonstrate the value your systems and programs with the only globally-comprehensive activity reports for Adobe Connect.

Real-Time Insight


See trends in activities over time so you have the information needed to amplify the success of power users and proactively identify problem trends in order to maximum performance.

  • Real time dashboards of meetings, users, and on demand content activity spanning global deployments
  • Clear picture of live and on-demand activity including attendees and host, meeting length, content interaction and content server path
  • Compare activity over time for: meetings, seminar rooms, virtual classrooms and on-demand content
  • Show ROI with a clear picture of time spent interacting with learning
  • Learning-specific data easy to report
  • Calculated totals provide a story about activity
  • Project future usage from past trends using data-driven modeling
  • Export all graphs, charts and raw data
CoSo Insights Ticket Dashboard


Program administrators will have access to monitor their environments, tickets and overall activity.

  • View status of open tickets and ticket history
  • Reach support and open new cases
  • Comprehensive overview of system activities
  • Observe and balance concurrent Adobe Connect license usage
  • Flag and watch key meetings
  • Forcefully end meetings
  • Access training resources – Videos, Guides and Checklists


Program administrators can answer key, related questions in a single view from CoSo Insight's dashboard and reports.

  • How many meetings did we have last week, month or year?
  • How many people were in those meetings?
  • How much time did my users spend in meetings?
  • What was the biggest meeting this year across my global deployment?
  • How does the biggest meeting compare to the average sized meeting?
  • How many users are in the system right now, across how many meetings?
  • Have we seen activity increase or decrease over time?
  • Are there trends or patterns in meeting and content use across times of day or days of the week?

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