CoSo Atlas Path

Visualize the Learner Journey

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What is CoSo Atlas Path?

CoSo Atlas Path ensures your team's learning goals are in sight and easy to navigate. This simplified interface keeps the learners focused on their own career path without distractions. Additionally, CoSo Atlas Path displays how the learner can grow in their career and within the organization as a productive member of the team.

CoSo Atlas Path Example

CoSo Atlas Path Example

Features and Functionality

  • Mobile first intuitive design
  • Flexible interface
  • Direct integration with Adobe Learning Manager
  • Fun experience for learners
  • Create clear milestones and pathways to success

Target Audience

  • Quick growing companies
  • Organizations with complex learning paths
  • Companies who want to demonstrate how employees can grow
  • Retail
  • Franchises
  • Global Customer Service

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