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Five Benefits of Creating a Customized Virtual Learning Environment

Five Benefits of Creating a Customized Virtual Learning Environment

Mar 9, 2023   /   by

Thanks to technological advancements, virtual learning has become the new norm for education and training. A virtual learning environment (VLE) is a digital platform that enables learners to access educational materials, collaborate with peers, and communicate with instructors. One of the most significant advantages of virtual learning is that it allows individual learners to create […]

5 Examples of Why Basic Web Conferencing Tools Don't Complete an Effective Virtual Training Environment

5 Examples of Why Basic Web Conferencing Tools Don’t Complete an Effective Virtual Training Environment

Mar 7, 2023   /   by

Basic web conferencing tools may not complete an effective virtual training environment for several reasons: #1 – Lack of Interactivity Basic web conferencing tools often lack interactivity features such as whiteboarding, breakout rooms, and interactive quizzes that make training sessions more engaging and interactive. Without these features, learners may find staying engaged and retaining information […]

Delivering Better Language and Culture Training for the Military

Delivering Better Language and Culture Training for the Military

Mar 7, 2023   /   by

Earlier this week, we announced our partnership with The Unconventional, an organization doing critical work supporting the training needs of our armed forces. Together, we’re building the next generation of TUTOR (The Unconventional Training On Request), an eLearning platform hosted within CoSo’s FedRAMP platform. This secure environment integrates Adobe Connect, Adobe Learning Manager, and a […]

How CoSo Cloud Optimizes Remote Work Through Secure Conferencing

How CoSo Cloud Optimizes Remote Work Through Secure Conferencing

Mar 1, 2023   /   by

In this CXO Interview, Tony Uphoff speaks with Glen Vondrick, CEO of CoSo Cloud, which provides a cloud platform for secure audio and video content. Tony and Glen discuss what the company does and how it sees the remote and hybrid work trend going forward, with a particular emphasis on cybersecurity in the context of a distributed workforce.

Steps to take ensuring your high consequence training is secure

The Importance of Security When Delivering High-Consequence Training

Jan 4, 2023   /   by

Online training has become increasingly popular recently, particularly as the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many organizations to move their training programs online. While online training can be a convenient and effective way to deliver training, it is important to prioritize security to protect sensitive information. One of the key benefits of online training is that […]

Video Conferencing

Risks of Video Conferencing – Steps, Best Practices to Continue Investment in Security

Dec 19, 2022   /   by

A Couple of Quick Tips for High-Consequence Virtual Meeting Environments Recently, we discussed some of the pitfalls inherent in virtual meetings in the remote work era as well as tips to help meeting organizers and participants take advantage of the security features built into virtual meeting platforms. In this post, we’ll take a deeper dive […]

Gamification Trends graphic

Gamification Trends

Dec 12, 2022   /   by

Many companies now use eLearning gamification to motivate learners and improve learning activities. By incorporating gaming mechanics into traditional learning modules, businesses can keep learners engaged and interested in continuing their education. This approach is particularly effective with younger generations who have grown up playing video games. Several of our customers have engaged the CoSo […]

CoSo Cloud: Good Enough for the Military

Nov 7, 2022   /   by

Unsurprisingly, the US government has high standards for the security of the cloud services its departments and agencies are able to use. CoSo’s wheelhouse is serving customers with “high consequence” use cases. High consequence can mean many things in different industries, but there are few environments that are as fundamentally high consequence as those in […]

CoSo Cloud and Class Technologies Combine Field-Tested Tools for High-Consequence Training

Sep 30, 2022   /   by

The last few years have pushed virtual learning into overdrive. Universities, corporations, and government agencies were forced to move most or all their education and training programs to virtual platforms. Previous myths about what could and could not be achieved in a virtual learning environment were shattered. There have been challenges with the rapid and […]

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