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How to Choose the Best LMS for Regulated Industries

Sep 13, 2023   /   by

In the world of Learning Management Systems (LMSs), CoSo Cloud stands out for its expertise in high-stakes applications. However, interpretations may vary regarding “high consequence” scenarios. While every organization grapples with security lapses that could prove catastrophic, regulated entities must also contend with potential fines and official sanctions in case of mishaps. In the heavily […]

Build a More Secure & Effective Government Training Program

Jul 14, 2023   /   by

With an increasingly distributed workforce across the globe, organizations have been tasked with reimagining many of their previously unquestioned processes. Among these has been reexamining workplace learning, professional development, upskilling, reskilling, and training programs. U.S. government agencies are no exception to this shift. There are currently more than four million U.S. federal government employees. 2022 […]

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