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Integrate OJT into the Overall Learning Strategy

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What is CoSo Task Mate?

CoSo Task Mate connects an organization's OJT initiatives to Adobe Learning Manager with an easy to use interface. What percentage of your training is on the job (OJT)? How successful is the organization in tracking training? For organizations who must provide OJT for their employees but do not have an efficient mechanism to manage and integrate it into the overall training strategies, CoSo Task Mate is ideal.

CoSo Task Mate Examples

Features and Functionality

  • Efficient documentation of OJT to track all learning activities for compliance, etc.
  • Responsive design enables easy access from any commercial and ruggedized mobile device
  • Simple interface to reduce friction in the learning process
  • Integrates directly with Adobe Learning Manager and any other LMS with similar APIs

Target Audience

  • Warehouse and logistics
  • Field services
  • Medical
  • Conference Coordinators
  • Field Technicians
  • Retail
  • Case workers
  • Military

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