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Why Virtual Classroom and Training?

Companies that offer virtual training are 46% more likely to be leaders in their industry. Custom Virtual Classrooms produce an engaged and motivated workforce to give an organization a competitive talent advantage.  Delivering a custom virtual learning experiences on the most reliable, secure private cloud trusted by leading companies and enterprises is the ideal solution.

In the wake of a global pandemic, the need for reliable, seamless virtual training solutions is more prevalent than ever.

Engaging learners in the right virtual experience is critical for employee development and productivity.  Virtual training is much more than delivering courses on web conferencing and video.  An engaging virtual classroom solution built-for-purpose delivers tremendous results, including:

  • Providing real-time information and clarity when the workforce needs it
  • Communicating changing business strategies simultaneously to large, distributed teams
  • Ensuring uniform messaging of strategy, procedures, and data
  • Allowing for collaboration among remote and distributed workforces via reliable, secure dynamic environments without costly travel fees and loss of productive time
  • Providing subject matter experts the right tools to disseminate information without managing complex technology
  • Protecting and securing content without the risks of leaking sensitive information and compliance violations

CoSo Cloud is proud to be the leading provider of Secure Private Clould experiences for e-Larning that heighten the end-to-end journey before, during, and after a learner’s virtual classroom experience. Our dedicated customer success team will customize the virtual classroom to fit your business and training needs. With CoSo Cloud helping to usher you in your move to virtual classrooms, you’ll enjoy 24/7/365 availability to your own custom built virtual classrooms, be able to offer, a wider range of class sizes, make available greater accessibility to online trainers, and build reusable learning modules. All this while also reducing costs and opening up on-demand playback and auditing options!

CoSo Cloud is proud to be the leading provider of tools, experiences, and customized solutions that heighten the end-to-end journey before, during, and after a learner’s virtual classroom experience. Our dedicated customer success team will customize the virtual classroom to fit your business and training needs. With CoSo Cloud helping to usher you in your move to virtual classrooms, you’ll enjoy 24/7/365 availability, a wider range of class sizes, great accessibility to online trainers, and reusable learning modules. All this, while also reducing costs and opening up on-demand playback options!

eFLETC (training platform standardized on Adobe Connect) is taking over at FLETC and it is because of our dedicated team and partners at CoSo that this has happened

– Thomas J Walters, Director – FLETC

Adobe Connect

The Leading Virtual Classroom

Virtual training starts with the classroom product itself. Adobe Connect is the leading Virtual Classroom product with extensive tools for heightened learner interaction. It is the complete digital learning solution for trainers offering engaging content delivery, efficient training management, and immersive classes across any device. CoSo Cloud can customize  Adobe Connect for your specific use cases, layering in add-ins, custom pods, and deploy it on our powerful back-end secure private cloud with the highest security and reliability available.

We can now provide high quality video content to our field employees and to every GM dealer in North America. We went from having more than 8,000 sites for satellite delivery to the point now where we provide video to more than 300,000 PCs in just North America

– Steve Griffes, General Motors, Distance Learning and Broadcast Services
Multi-Purpose Needs

Virtual Classrooms don’t have to be limited to the delivery of training. The highly engaging, flexible and customizable environment gives marketers powerful web conferencing tools to create highly engaging and professionally branded webinars. In Adobe Connect rooms, attendees remain engaged through interaction, which means they retain more of the information presented and provide you with more data points about their motivation and interests, ultimately driving better-qualified leads. Sales teams can leverage the tools for both training sales teams live and on-demand, as well as creating powerful customer demos and presentations. Connect rooms are persistent which allows the ready re-use of key collateral. You are always ready with your presentation and materials set up and waiting as soon as you enter the room.

Large important executive briefings, crisis communications, project team meetings…whatever your business needs at the moment, team members have access to the communication tools needed to communicate effectively regardless of physical location. On CoSo’s Secure Private Cloud, your essential communications and data are safe and the virtual classroom is always available.

Learning Management Systems (LMS) including Adobe Learning Manager

If you have an existing or preferred LMS, CoSo either has a ready-made integration to Adobe Connect to deliver your course via the virtual classroom.  We offer the same CoSo Secure Private Cloud for your implementation of Adobe Learning Manager, Adobe’s HTML5-based enterprise LMS. Adobe Learning Manager delivers stimulating user experiences with a unified player for successful learning content delivery of virtually any kind of eLearning: videos, PDFs, PPTs, DOCX, AICC and SCORM packages, and xAPI-compliant modules. Adobe Learning Manager is easy to set up and manage, allowing you to roll out highly engaging courses in as little as 90 minutes. Adobe Learning Manager also integrates with Adobe Connect for the learning industry’s most engaging blended learning experience.

Engagement Add-ons

When you want to take engagement to the next level, we offer extensive solutions to enrich the eLearning experience. Our YouTube player, PDF Smart Whiteboard, video streaming, gamification pods, and accessibility add-ons bring a level of interaction to the virtual classroom and LMS that is unparalleled when compared with generic online meeting offerings. Let our team help you find the right add-ons for your eLearning strategy.   We can create a custom solution if one doesn’t exist, allowing you to drive the innovation and results that matter most to your learning organization.

Adobe Gold Partnership

CoSo is an authorized Adobe Gold partner. For 10 years, we’ve helped customers deploy and customize their Adobe Connect virtual classroom on our Secure Private Cloud.  We’ve managed some of Adobe’s most complex needs, removing the IT burden for our customers, allowing you to focus on your core eLearning content and delivery.

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