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Secure Communications and Virtual Training without compromising regulatory compliance

Leading Financial organizations including Schwab, Citigroup and KPMG rely on CoSo for secure virtual training and web conferencing

In regulated businesses such as Financial Services, having secure, compliant and reliable digital communications is imperative.We help regulated businesses securely train and collaborate with Virtual Classrooms on our SOC II Type 2 compliant Private Cloud.

With confidence in the security of their communications, financial Institutions are able to conduct both internal meetings as well as external client meetings. They have the ability to automatically archive their digital communications to keep compliant records of audio, video, and chat messages from all virtual training classes and conferences.

Our platform is so secure that the U.S. Department of Defense has relied upon it for protecting battlefield briefings. Over 20 governmental agencies including the Department of Homeland Security, FEMA, FDA as well as leading financial institutions including Citigroup, KPMG and Charles Schwab depend on secure collaboration for critical communications as well as securely ensuring that their workforce is trained and compliant. CoSo is SOC II Type 2 compliant and has passed other rigorous government regulations.

Why do financial organizations need to worry about compliance and provide secure training?

Complex regulatory

Organizations need to comply with intuitions such Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) and other global regulations such as the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act to prevent money laundering, bribery, and corruption.


Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) ensure safety and operation efficiency for highly regulated industries. As procedures change, employees may not be trained on the latest version. Do you know what version of a Standard Operating Procedure your employees are trained on? Are they compliant with the most current regulations?

Frequent regulatory

Ongoing regulatory audits mean you must track employee compliance training. Are those training reports readily available?

Significant fines if found non-compliant

What is your cost of
non-compliance? The cost of non-compliance is expensive – up to $5 Million and 20 years under Sarbanes-Oxley. Damages can run in the millions.

Maintain a good

A data breach of sensitive information can negatively affect your company’s reputation, ultimately impacting earnings and shareholders.


Regular ongoing training helps employees develop their client skills and get up to speed on the latest rules, regulations, and technologies. Long gone are the days of only sending employees off-site for training. Highly engaging, interactive content can be made quickly and distributed broadly on any device, in real-time. This leads to increased client satisfaction, directly impacting your bottom line.

With CoSo Cloud, you can rest confidently in the security of your data & reliability of your communications.

  • Conduct compulsory training programs to ensure that all employees adhere to compliance and regulatory procedures related to their job
  • Ensure continuing education for professional education
  • Remain compliant with a SOC II Type 2 + HITRUST, HIPAA, GDRP, PIPEA and FedRAMP
  • Securely protect data and conversations for executive crisis meetings
  • Have reliable access with 99.99% uptime so you’ll never miss a second of business
  • Direct access to a 24x7x365 U.S. based technical support team
  • Have a unified view of the training in progress with CoSo Insights, providing real-time access to data and sophisticated reporting
  • Digital records stored in real-time and ready for efficient inspection
  • Ability quickly export files or recording to satisfy compliance audits
  • Custom Integration with other eLearning tools & systems including Single Sign-on, LMS, Audio and Video
  • Receive a dedicated customer success manager to ensure success
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