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Adobe Connect LMS Integration

Corporations, schools, and universities now have the flexibility to leverage the powerful features of Zoom web conferencing directly within their LMS through CoSo Cloud’s Zoom LMS integration. The integration service enhances and extends LMS content into a seamless and customized experience that is managed directly in your LMS.

We Offer Integrations with Leading Learning Management Systems

Key Features:
Steamlined Workflow
Instructors create and manage all courses directly from the LMS UI without the need to go back and forth between Zoom and the LMS to set up classes, as well as review recording and attendance reports. Additionally, for large organizations, teachers can see when time slots are available to avoid overlapping critical courses.

Single Sign-on
Courses are accessed and launched from the LMS UI with a single click of a button, launching Zoom seamlessly in the background, so students don’t need to remember additional logins.

Roster Security Management
Map your LMS course roster to automatically create Zoom users and ensure only individuals registered in a course can access that session, as well as enable participant roles, video rights and audio settings directly from the LMS.

office hours scheduling
Allow instructors to efficiently host reoccurring office hours across multiple courses that students can reserve, pre-submit questions and automatically receive appointment notifications.

Study Groups
Teachers can assign and manage assignments for virtual study groups or enable student to schedule and host.

attendance reports
Analyze Zoom session attendance reports directly within your LMS. Download attendance reports in Excel or PDF and easily access valuable user metrics.

Record Management
Recordings are automatically uploaded to LMS for recording management and viewing, and saved to the storage location of choice, including Kaltura and Google Storage. With direct integration to Kaltura’s Video Platform, users have the additional flexibility for video playlists to be displayed, renamed, or deleted from the LMS.
Educational LMS Integration

Educational LMS Integration

Educational institutions can integrate Zoom with leading educational LMS systems including, Schoology, Canvas, Moodle, Blackboard and Buzz. Students can book office hours with their teachers online and receive automatic calendar reminders with the zoom meeting information. Teachers can create virtual study groups and assignments within those groups, or allow students to self-direct virtual study groups. All recordings are synced back to the LMS and desired hosting location, including Kaltura and Google Drive for on-demand training.

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Corporate LMS Integration

Corporate LMS Integration

Corporations can enhance their virtual instructor-Lead Training (VILT) programs through LMS Integration. Learners gain access to high-quality video virtual sessions through Zoom’s easy to desktop and mobile UI. Trainers and administrators can decrease administrative workload through automation of syncing completion data and recording to your LMS as well as automatic calendaring. LTI integration is available for Cornerstone OnDemand, Saba, Success Factors, Bridge and Adobe Learning Manager. Our team of expert developers can customize both the portal experience and features to your specific business use case as well as to other LMS systems.

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LMS Customization

LTI Customization

Are you looking to develop a unique feature, workflow, report or integration for Zoom? We believe then is no a “one size fits all” approach to web conferencing tools. Our team’s expert knowledge of the Zoom platform and APIs allow us to modify the platform to meet any organizations exact needs. There are no limits to what our team of expert developers can design their creativity and in-depth knowledge of various educational LTI integrations to developing the first corporate LMS integration for the Zoom platform. Our goal is to assist in increasing access and usability of the Zoom platform for all use cases and needs. Explore our many solutions offered to enhance and extend the Zoom platform.

Request any feature and our dedicated team of architects will work with you to understand your project goals and outline a proposed solution to meet your needs.

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