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Build Secure Virtual Training and Communications Centers
for Mission Critical Operations

Adobe Connect Virtual Classroom (ACVC) is a cloud-based classroom that provides persistent storage for learning aids (files, video, and curriculum) and real-time engagement with students (lecture room, break-out rooms, whiteboard, IP & telephony audio, and video cameras). ACVC supports best in class accessible by device, (iOS, Win, Android, Mobile, Tablet, Desktop) and user experience, (ADA Section 508 compliance). ACVC is FedRAMP & DISA authorized for Impact Level 4.

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Secure Learning and Communication Ecosystems

CoSo Cloud assists the U.S. Military navigate the Learning Ecosystem to enhance individual performance & dominate the mission. Through the strong partnership between CoSo Cloud and Adobe bringing together best of breed products, partners, and methodology to get you operational in 90 days.

Digital collaboration among agencies

Securely Collaborate with Various Participating Federal, State and Local Agencies

Ensure all participants have the most updated information, alerts, warnings, and other important intelligence while managing incident response.

Real-time information exchange

Securely Exchange Real-time Information Among Geographically Dispersed Field Respondents

Support mission critical operations with law enforcement officers, firefighters, public health officials, National Weather Service, or SWAT members participating in a live virtual environment sharing a common operational picture (COP) for key decisions on ground.

“Part of our curriculum utilizes CUI information. By providing our instructors and students the ability to leverage the tools available from CoSo in the Adobe Connect virtual classrooms within an IL-4 environment, is a big win for not only us, but across government agencies.”

- Larry E. Smith II, ED.S, the Technical Director at USMC CDET.

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