Focusing On Learner Performance Within High-Consequence Environments


September 13, 2022

High-consequence industries operate within environments where human life is at risk or information
security is paramount. In addition, these industries are heavily regulated. Examples of industries
operating within high-consequence environments include medical, aviation, manufacturing, energy, and
finance. There is an inherent need to clearly define performance benchmarks and create baselines on
which the organization safely and effectively operates.

To properly assess and implement successful training programs within high-consequence environments,
instructional design and organizational development contributions must be included in the process.
Multiple contributing viewpoints are necessary as the training must align with the organization’s various
goals as a regulated business, service provider, and employer.

In these environments, we put both the learner and the business needs at the top of the list by
addressing critical performance metrics. This begins with measuring the business processes and related
regulations, then factoring in the employee’s role and how that impacts the business results. Using
aviation as an example, an airline must consider regulatory requirements, effective business operations,
and employee and consumer safety.

Defining and analyzing performance data for high-consequence training provides a necessary roadmap
for L&D professionals to align regulatory guidelines, business challenges, and how they relate to day-to-
day operations. Once performance data is documented, the following steps should be taken:

  • establish a pre-training baseline of employee performance
  • create a roadmap to measure training outcomes
  • define objectives to indicate how employees should perform post-training

This process allows organizations to track employee performance and effectively aligns with regulatory
and business expectations. In addition, it provides crucial data to analyze what training efforts provide
the most significant impact.

What practical training approaches are you applying if you operate within a high-consequence
environment? We’d love to hear your thoughts and recommendations.

Are you looking to implement a successful training program within your high-consequence environment
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