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CoSo's Expert Managed Services & Secure Private Cloud can transform your Adobe Connect experience.

Mission Critical eLearning & Collaboration 

Adobe Connect is the complete digital learning solution for trainers, offering engaging content and immersive live and on-demand experiences. Engaging in an eLearning initiative using Adobe Connect can offer exciting possibilities across your organization, particularly when paired with the most cutting-edge audio, video, and LMS integrations. However, when you begin to rely on these technologies for critical business needs, they must be high quality, reliable, dependable, and secure. As a result, we often find organizations require much more than what’s available out of the box from shared public cloud offerings and on-premises IT supported deployments.

CoSo Cloud professional services team transforms the Adobe Connect experience. No matter how challenging or complex your business use case, our expert managed and professional services can customize your Adobe Connect deployment, including integrating and leveraging your existing audio, video, security and LMS infrastructures or adding the latest technologies, apps and learning pods. That vision for a modern, immersive, collaborative eLearning experience that truly enables your workforce to learn from anywhere on any device in a highly engaging experience can be realized with CoSo Cloud services.

  • ADDED SECURITY for on-line meetings
  • INCREASED RELIABILITY for virtual training relied upon by the world’s most demanding customers
  • REDUCED COMPLEXITY for web conferencing with our dedicated focus on Adobe Connect & Adobe Learning Manager
  • LOWER COST of telephony infrastructure
  • HIGH AVAILABILITY proven in life-saving battlefield briefings

Adobe Connect Private Cloud Features & Benefits

When security and reliability are of utmost importance for your eLearning program and require more than a shared public cloud, we offer a private managed cloud for Adobe Connect. We provide full customization for your business needs and integrate with 3rd party tools. Our Private Cloud exceeds the security, reliability and quality requirements of shared public cloud deployments and has been the favored way of deploying Adobe Connect for the US Department of Defense, KPMG, General Motors, and the Wharton Business School among others.

With our dashboards and reports providing a broad range of success metrics along with our premium services and specialized tools, you get unique insights into everything that occurs in your private cloud. Best of all, we help you customize your Adobe Connect solution for your individual needs. Customizations can include single sign-on (SSO), Learning Management System (LMS) integrations, Reporting Service Integrations, CRM integrations, and Adobe Connect Central User Interface customizations. In addition to these software integrations, a variety of telephony integrations are also available.


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