What benefits do government agencies gain from choosing virtual learning platforms that are authorized by FedRAMP?


June 23, 2023

Working with government agencies, I often am asked, “What advantages do agencies see by selecting FedRAMP-authorized (Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program) virtual learning platforms versus commercially off-the-shelf services?” The answer primarily surrounds the assurance of security and compliance. Here are some key advantages:

Trusted Security Standards

FedRAMP is a government-wide program establishing standardized security requirements for cloud products and services. By selecting a FedRAMP-authorized virtual learning platform, government agencies can be confident that the platform has undergone rigorous security assessments and adheres to recognized security controls and best practices.

Compliance with Federal Regulations

Government agencies have specific regulatory requirements that they must adhere to, such as the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) and other federal data protection regulations. Using a FedRAMP-authorized virtual learning platform ensures compliance with these regulations, reducing the risk of non-compliance and potential penalties.

Streamlined Authorization Process

The FedRAMP authorization process comprehensively assesses the virtual learning platform’s security controls and risk management practices. By selecting a FedRAMP-authorized platform, government agencies can leverage the already completed authorization process, saving time and resources that would otherwise be required for independent assessments and authorizations.

Enhanced Data Protection

FedRAMP-authorized virtual learning platforms offer robust data protection measures, including encryption, access controls, and continuous monitoring. These platforms are designed to safeguard sensitive government data, protecting against unauthorized access, data breaches, and other security threats.

Cost Savings

Investing in a FedRAMP-authorized platform can potentially result in cost savings for government agencies. By leveraging a pre-authorized platform, agencies can avoid the expense of conducting their extensive security assessments and audits. Additionally, the platform’s security features and controls help mitigate the risk of costly security incidents and potential data breaches.

Interoperability and Collaboration

FedRAMP-authorized platforms adhere to standardized security protocols, making it easier for government agencies to integrate and collaborate with other agencies or entities using similar authorized platforms. This interoperability promotes seamless data exchange and collaboration while maintaining consistent security standards.

Reputational Trust

Using a FedRAMP-authorized virtual learning platform, government agencies can enhance their reputation and build trust with stakeholders, employees, and the public. Demonstrating a commitment to robust security measures and compliance instills confidence in the agency’s ability to protect sensitive information and deliver secure virtual training programs.

It is important to note that while a FedRAMP-authorized platform provides significant security and compliance benefits, government agencies should evaluate the platform’s features, functionalities, and suitability for their specific training needs before making a purchase decision.

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