The Adobe Learning Manager Checklist Module


April 11, 2023

Adobe Learning Manager (ALM) is a Learning Management System (LMS) offering comprehensive tools for managing learning and training programs. Recently, ALM has released a new module called the Checklist Module, which provides a simple yet effective way to manage tasks and track progress. People managers and non-hierarchical managers such as store managers or location managers can review and complete the checklist.

The Checklist Module is designed to help training managers and administrators create and manage checklists for learners to complete as part of their training. This could include reading documents, watching videos, completing quizzes, or attending virtual meetings. The module allows administrators to create checklists for specific courses or training programs and provides the flexibility to create checklists for specific groups of learners.

Course authors can now add people managers and non-hierarchical managers (if applicable) as reviewers by selecting these role options in the “Reviewers” section while setting up a Checklist module. This can be done at a course instance level.

One of the key benefits of the Checklist Module is the ability to monitor and track learner progress. Administrators can easily see which learners have completed each task on the checklist and view overall progress at the course or program level. This makes it easy to identify learners who may be falling behind and provide additional support or resources as needed.

Another key feature of the Checklist Module is the ability to automate reminders and notifications. For example, administrators can set up automated emails or notifications to remind learners of upcoming tasks or to notify them when a task has been completed. This can help learners stay on track and complete all required tasks within the specified timeframe.

The Checklist Module also includes a range of customization options, allowing administrators to tailor checklists to their specific needs. This includes adding custom fields, such as due dates or priority levels, and creating custom workflows for each task on the checklist.

Overall, the Checklist Module is a valuable addition to the ALM LMS, providing a simple yet effective way to manage tasks and track progress. Its range of customization options and automated notifications makes it a powerful tool for training managers and administrators looking to improve learner engagement and success.

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