CoSo Cloud’s StateRAMP Authorized Platform: Ensuring Secure Training Environments for Government Agencies


August 15, 2023

By Rob Porter

Head of Market and Business Development

In an age marked by escalating cyber threats, the significance of safeguarding sensitive government data and ensuring uninterrupted communication cannot be overstated. CoSo Cloud, a trailblazer in secure virtual communication and collaboration solutions, has achieved a significant milestone by securing StateRAMP authorization for its platform. This achievement, coupled with existing FedRAMP Moderate, DISA IL2, and DISA IL4 authorizations, underscores the critical importance of secure training environments for government agencies.

Importance of Secure Training Environments

As evidenced by recent malicious cyber attacks targeting public-sector entities (as reported in “Malware Unleashed: Public Sector Hit in Escalating Cyber Threats”), the need for robust cybersecurity measures within government agencies has never been more urgent. Secure training environments are pivotal in preparing government personnel to effectively counter cyber threats, ensuring they have the necessary skills and knowledge to safeguard critical information.

CoSo Cloud’s Achievement: Empowering Secure Training

CoSo Cloud’s attainment of StateRAMP authorization is a significant leap forward in the quest for secure training environments for government agencies. Similar to FedRAMP, StateRAMP rigorously assesses cloud services’ security to meet stringent cybersecurity standards. CoSo Cloud’s achievement reinforces its commitment to providing a secure platform for hosting Class Technologies, Adobe Learning Manager, and Adobe Connect, creating an environment conducive to effective training operations.

Building Comprehensive Defense: Layered Authorizations

CoSo Cloud’s StateRAMP authorization complements its existing suite of certifications, including FedRAMP Moderate, DISA IL2, and DISA IL4. This layered approach to security ensures that government agencies benefit from a comprehensive shield against various cyber threats. CoSo Cloud’s commitment to tailoring security solutions to different government agency tiers is evident through these authorizations.

Benefits for Government Agencies

Government agencies stand to gain a multitude of advantages from CoSo Cloud’s secure training environment:

All-Encompassing Protection: The combined StateRAMP, FedRAMP, and DISA authorizations offer comprehensive protection against evolving cyber threats, bolstering government agency security.

Secure Training Ecosystem: CoSo Cloud’s platform, hosting Class Technologies, Adobe Learning Manager, and Adobe Connect, provides a safe haven for government personnel to engage in training activities without compromising sensitive information.

Effortless Compliance: CoSo Cloud’s platform aligns seamlessly with the rigorous standards of StateRAMP, FedRAMP, and DISA, simplifying compliance for government agencies.

Mitigated Risk: Government agencies can reduce cyber risks by establishing a fortified training environment and safeguarding crucial assets and data.

Uninterrupted Operations: CoSo Cloud’s authorized platform ensures undisrupted training operations, enhancing the resilience of government agencies against cyber threats.

In conclusion, government agencies must prioritize secure training environments to bolster their resilience and preparedness in an era fraught with mounting cyber threats. CoSo Cloud’s recent StateRAMP authorization and its existing FedRAMP, DISA IL2, and DISA IL4 authorizations exemplify its unwavering commitment to providing a secure platform for hosting Class Technologies, Adobe Learning Manager, and Adobe Connect. Secure training environments empower government personnel to navigate the complexities of cybersecurity confidently, ensuring they are well-equipped to safeguard sensitive information and effectively counter evolving threats.

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