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William Altenloh
Customer Success Manager
William is the Commercial Customer Success Manager for CoSo Cloud, where he works with large comm. customers to onboard, customize, and develop their programs.

Utilize Layouts for a Better Virtual Classroom Experience

Aug 12, 2021   /   by

A layout is a pre-configured arrangement of Pods. Each new meeting room contains three default layouts named: Sharing, Discussion, and Collaboration.  Within each default layout, the Pods initially deployed are configured best to represent the intent of the default layout name. The Layouts panel is used to display the default, and host-added layouts.  The panel […]

Adobe Connect 11.2 is at CoSo Cloud!

Jul 15, 2021   /   by

At CoSo Cloud, we’re happy to be upgrading our customers to version 11.2. Adobe Connect 11.2 is available in our Secure Private Cloud and we can start planning your Managed Service Customer upgrade whenever you are ready. Adobe Connect 11.3 and 11.5 are not far behind. Adobe Connect 11 moved users to a fully HTML5 […]

CoSo is Excited to Begin Upgrading to Adobe Connect Version 10.6!

Dec 16, 2019   /   by

The CoSo team is anxiously anticipating the upgrade of our customers to version 10.6 – the first upgrades are scheduled in January 2020! As part of the CoSo Managed Services, we thoroughly test and burn-in any updates or changes before deeming them stable and advisable for CoSo customers – this way, they avoid any potential […]

Customizing your Adobe Connect Webinar/Events pages

Aug 21, 2018   /   by

Easily add custom messages to your Webinar/Events pages! An Adobe Connect Event is a “meeting, seminar, presentation, course, curriculum, virtual classroom, or recording moved to Content Library wrapped with pre-event and post-event management features. Event management features include registration, reminders, and event-tracking surveys and reports.”  Events are valuable for organizations by: Creating branded and customized […]

Summary of Adobe Connect Versions 9.7 and Beyond

Apr 24, 2018   /   by

At CoSo Cloud, prior to endorsing and standardizing to a version of Adobe Connect we monitor its performance and work to ensure it’s a proper fit for our respective clients. That being said, I’ve had some inquiries about what exactly is being offered and what we plan to see with existing and future versions. Adobe […]

Utilize Layouts for a Better Experience

Mar 8, 2018   /   by

A layout is a pre-configured arrangement of panels (or Pods). The default layouts in Adobe Connect are Sharing, Discussion, and Collaboration. The layouts menu and the layout bar are visible only to hosts, and by going into the layouts tab, you can delete, rename, or change the order of the layouts. One way to effectively […]

Flash end-of-life Impact for Adobe Connect and the future of HTML5

Aug 28, 2017   /   by

As many of you probably realize, there has been a lot of talk about Adobe Connect and its move toward HTML5 compatibility, as well as Adobe’s recent announcements regarding the deprecation of, and eventual end-of-life for Flash as the primary multimedia platform. Because of the gravity of this evolution, there naturally has been speculation, new information…and some misinformation around […]

7 Tips for Helping Expand Use of Virtual Training Within Your Organization

Jul 28, 2017   /   by

Contributions by Marc Sason As a training leader, you’ve invested a substantial amount of money, time and internal resources to provide ongoing training for your employees.  You want this training and development to make a difference in performance, job satisfaction to keep employees excited and feeling like they’re getting the skills and information they need […]

6 Rules for a Great Presentation

May 22, 2017   /   by

Presentation tips for a stellar virtual presentation The fundamentals of a great presentation are choosing the right content, having the right tools, and presenting in a way that connects with your audience. We’ll leave the content up to you – but let us help you deliver your message in a way that will be smooth, […]

Customizing Adobe Connect with Integrations

Apr 20, 2017   /   by

Custom Pods & Integrations for Adobe Connect Need your learning environment customized? There are numerous custom pods and integrations that will enhance the capabilities of Adobe Connect and your overall virtual classroom experience!  The tools come in a few different categories: Tools make learning more fun for your learners adding engagements. Tools that make it […]

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