6 Rules for a Great Presentation


May 22, 2017

Presentation tips for a stellar virtual presentation

The fundamentals of a great presentation are choosing the right content, having the right tools, and presenting in a way that connects with your audience. We’ll leave the content up to you – but let us help you deliver your message in a way that will be smooth, impactful, and which utilizes the latest technology in virtual and interactive learning

Let’s start with engagement! Follow these 6 rules for smooth experience, more attentive audience, and overall great presentation:

Rule 1: Always insist on a “dry run” rehearsal with presenters.

With preloaded content, do a dry run before the event, at the same time of day you intend to conduct the event (network traffic differs by time of day). Use the exact hardware and network connections you plan to use for the real event. Ensure you use the same audio equipment they will use on the day of the live event. Ensure adequate time to troubleshoot equipment and train presenters. Appoint a timer and script roles and responsibilities. Schedule your dry run at least 48 hours before the live event.

Rule 2: Know your audience–use Poll questions.

Find out the demographic breakdown of your audience. “Feel the pulse” of the room to determine where to focus content. Insert a fun “pop quiz” mid-presentation. Polling is a great way to get participants interacting with the presenter.

Rule 3: Coordinate carefully between co‑presenters.

Choose Meeting > Enable Presenter Only Area to include items such as an agenda with notes and moderated Q&A pod. Consider giving presenters Enhanced Participant Rights versus Presenter Rights.

Rule 4: Use video files and PowerPoint animations.

Appropriate use of video files and PowerPoint animations can bring an event to life with motion and sound. Don’t add so many, however, that the animations and videos become distracting.

Rule 5: Create a “lobby” layout.

Open your online meeting room 10-15 minutes before start time. Participants like to know they have accessed the Connect session correctly. Share best practices for connecting to your online meeting. Consider adding trivia questions with timed answers to keep their interest. Download music into a Share pod. Send a message to participants in the Chat pod to tell them you are playing music so that they can check audio connection and levels.

Rule 6: Have fun!

Remind your presenters they are talking to a live audience. If they are having fun, the audience will follow!


In addition to having the right preparation and strategy – be sure to have the right tools for the job! Enhance your events and presentations with the use of products like Adobe Presenter and Captivate:

Adobe Presenter:

Transform slides into interactive eLearning – Convert your PowerPoint presentations to engaging eLearning content. Add quizzes, scenarios, and out-of-the-box assets, and publish as HTML5 for access using desktop and mobile browsers. Create high-impact interactive training videos. Track learner performance using leading LMSs.

Create video tutorials in 3 easy steps – Quickly create HD video lectures to use in your training modules, distance and classroom learning, MOOC sessions or flipped learning courses. Capture your screen content along with your webcam audio or video, right from your desktop, without investing in expensive studio equipment. Use a simple 3-button interface to easily edit and publish your videos.

Use analytics for actionable insights – Test learner understanding with eye-catching quizzes. Get actionable insights when you track learner performance, with integration to SCORM-, AICC-, and xAPI- compliant LMS’s including the all-new self-service LMS, Adobe Captivate Prime.

Adobe Captivate: 

Leap ahead with a smart eLearning design platform to create fully responsive eLearning content with the help of Fluid Boxes. Transform non-mobile Adobe Captivate courses into responsive mLearning. Deliver great learning experiences

Revel in the unique authoring experience enabled by innovative Fluid Boxes — create fully responsive eLearning content faster, without programming. Also, automatically transform legacy desktop courses into mobile learning. With Adobe Typekit integration, you can author with high-quality fonts for a visually stunning composition that displays consistently across devices and browsers. Pay-as-you-go with flexible subscription programs for individuals and teams.

Leap ahead with an authoring platform that does the heavy lifting of creating virtually any kind of responsive eLearning content. From application simulations to HD product demos, assessment modules and more, do it all with just one tool. Get unmatched value with 75,000+ free eLearning assets. Use Adobe Captivate Draft, and move seamlessly from storyboarding to storytelling. Easily deploy and manage courses with single e-click publishing to Adobe Captivate Prime LMS.

I hope you have found these tips and tools to be helpful. If you’d like more tips, download the full guide of Adobe Connect Practices for Large Meetings and Seminars. Please don’t hesitate to ask your Customer Success Manager how CoSo Cloud can help you plan and execute your next Adobe Connect event!

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