Learning Tree Brings In-Class Experience to Students around Globe


August 9, 2016

If you’re one of the 2.4 million IT and business professionals who have taken an online class with Learning Tree International, you know just how immersive their in-class learning experience is.

Their AnyWare web-based attendance platform lets students connect to a live classroom from virtually anywhere in the world. Powered by Adobe Connect with custom technology and support from ConnectSolutions, the platform offers a host of collaborative learning features, including live video, audio and chat interactions with instructors and students, the same hands-on IT exercises as on-site students, and live break-out sessions.

For Learning Tree, reliability and scalability is everything. If remote students can’t log in without interruption, their education and productivity at work is disrupted.  That’s why the organization tapped ConnectSolutions for expert managed and professional services that ensured maximum, always-on performance with near-zero latency as Learning Tree’s popularity grew. Customization was another chief benefit that drove greater collaboration among users and greater control of the overall learning experience among instructors.

The result?

Learning Tree credits ConnectSolutions with helping to restore its standing as the world’s most leading-edge educational facility. The professional-grade reliability, scalability and performance we brought resulted in steady growth in classes on the Anyware platform. There are now over 600 instructor-led classes to choose from and thousands of new users flocking to the service from 116 countries every year—resulting in about $100 million in revenue.

Our custom tech support allows instructors to host highly immersive learning experiences that don’t require the expensive services of a technical ‘producer’ for each class. And since the reliable virtual environment we deliver allows instructors to get trained and teach from anywhere, students can gain knowledge from the best experts the world has to offer.


Learning Tree has since invested even more in its purpose-built classrooms with custom-built podiums, desktop touchscreens along, and state-of-the-art lighting, video
, and audio. Plus, new collaboration feature customizations are being added all the time to ensure instructors and students, both on-site and remote, are always getting the most cutting-edge, shared in-class experience available.


Learn more about the Learning Tree story here.

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