Healthcare and Government Sectors Perfectly Demonstrate Full Value of eLearning Technology


August 12, 2016

Of all the industry-specific use cases that exist for eLearning, it’s hard to find one that better demonstrates the full value of eLearning than healthcare and government.

Like all industries, being able to cost-effectively provide an immersive in-class experience with anywhere access to distributed learners is of critical import to busy healthcare practitioners, researchers and administrators as well as military, public safety and other government officials.

But nowhere will you find the same critical need for the rapid and reliable transfer of knowledge or intelligence with such high stakes—namely, the preservation and quality of life.

Right now, many of the nearly 1.5 million men and women serving our nation’s Armed Forces are using eLearning solutions to participate in mission-critical training webinars and briefing sessions regardless of where they’re deployed, whether it be land, sea or air. Large numbers of officers, soldiers, engineers and other workers can be trained simultaneously for a mass distribution of up-to-date information. The data is received on a variety of devices—reliably and securely.

Meanwhile, eLearning posted 45% growth last year in healthcare, where a rapidly growing number of various workers are turning to these solutions to easily receive at any time and from virtually any location the ongoing education they need to provide the best possible care. This flexible ‘anytime, anywhere’ access from any device, especially mobile, is a godsend for a sector that requires highly flexible schedules and where time is always of the essence. And of course, sophisticated tracking and enforcement capabilities allows the secure and compliant transfer of information that’s critical when providers are collaborating on the care of a patient.

In order to protect lives, both sectors also demand full absorption, understanding and quick retrieval of the material—all made possible by virtual classrooms designed with on and offline web conferencing, video, voice, gamification, white-boarding, editing, search and other features that help make the content engaging, memorable and easily retrievable later on.

eLearning is an extremely powerful tool for government and healthcare. How powerful can it be for your organization?  See how other organizations are using it for their business.

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