A Day in the Life of a CoSo Cloud Customer Success Manager


June 21, 2017

It’s a question we get asked by everyone daily – and one that we want to clarify for you, our beloved CoSo Cloud customers.

What EXACTLY is a “Customer Success Manager?”

Here at CoSo Cloud, CSMs wear many hats (sometimes all simultaneously). We’re PART therapist, PART quarterback, PART friend . . . and ALL dedicated and trusted advisor for anything Adobe Connect-related.

As a valued customer, we know that you’ll be dealing with lots of different departments here at CoSo as you navigate our long-term relationship together (Billing! Sales! Support! Strategic Partners!). That’s why we’re your main point of contact at CoSo, quarterbacking the entire relationship, and over time, becoming an expert on your specific Adobe Connect set-up, usage, and habits.

We’re subject matter experts (SMEs) on the nuances of Adobe Connect, and we can share the best practices for success that our customers have found with Adobe Connect.  This includes reining in soaring travel or training budgets, meeting with their geographically-dispersed team daily, or ensuring success in delivering important All-Hands’ meetings with employees all around the world.

Our CSM group is a proactive team that wants to ensure that Adobe Connect helps you solve your particular business needs, right from the beginning. We do our best to freely share best practices and our customer success stories. We meet with each of our customers regularly (weekly or monthly) to review their usage, questions, issues and to hold an ongoing dialog of how to use Adobe Connect and to offer advice on new ways to leverage this technology.  If you do encounter a technical issue, our Customer Support team is always available to assist you in real time.

Our goal is to have personalized discussions on how Adobe Connect can work best for your current (and future) business needs.  We will work with you to identify any potential add-on products or services that will drive your business forward and created additional ROI.  We will be happy to coordinate any demonstrations and discussions about new products or services that may benefit your company.

We are here for you.  Do you need . . .

Advice on how to get started using Adobe Connect? That’s what we’re here for.

Best practices for Events? That’s what we’re here for.

Additional pods, customized integrations, or support for a meeting currently in progress? We’d be happy to introduce you to the right contacts to move this forward.

And while there is no typical day in a CSMs life, here’s a smorgasbord of some of this week’s accomplishments from the team here at CoSo (in no particular order):

  1. Conducted almost a dozen weekly touch-base calls with Customers (discussing their current set-up, concerns, and helping to guide their upcoming training initiatives).
  2. Worked with customers to identify training needs and arrange training sessions.
  3. Worked with customers on future needs and goals around their upcoming renewal.
  4. Provided multiple customers with their weekly usage reports to help show a snapshot of their employees’ Adobe Connect engagement over time (and to determine next steps to increase their engagement).
  5. Worked with several customers with a timeframe and logistics to facilitate their upgrade to Adobe Connect version 9.5.7a (have YOU upgraded yet?)
  6. Coordinated with our sales and development teams and a strategic partner to begin the onboarding process of a brand-new customer!
  7. Teamed up with our Support team for real-time monitoring of several important seminars for customers, to ensure a flawless execution.
  8. Reviewed high priority tickets with the support team and helped prioritize and drive issues to closure.
  9. Reviewed customer feedback to ensure we are supporting our customer’s needs and providing the quality service they deserve.

One key function you can find us doing daily is compiling data through Adobe Connect’s reporting functionality, reports shared from our strategic partners as well as real-time reporting from CoSo Insights.  The spiffy new reporting and monitoring functionality of our new CoSo Insights to show you a snapshot of your organization’s Adobe Connect usage trends over time (for example – concurrent users, audio meeting minutes used, sessions conducted during a specific time frame, number of attendees, power users within your organization).

This not only allows us to offer suggestions on how to maximize your training results with Adobe Connect (what you’re currently doing well, suggestions for new ways to use the system’s many features), but also allows us, over time, to understand/anticipate your future needs. Just like Tom Cruise’s futuristic cop John Anderton in the movie, “Minority Report,” we’d like to stop any potential issues BEFORE they happen!

Of course, this blog post isn’t meant to be encompassing. As Customer Success is a constantly fluid role, additional responsibilities and duties will most likely introduce themselves in good time. So, if there is anything we can do to help you be more successful with your Adobe Connect initiatives (or if you just want to chat about the weather, the Golden State Warriors, or must-try eateries in San Francisco!), please feel free to email your CSM directly, or email customersuccess@cosocloud.com.

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