Announcing Adobe Connect 10.1 at CoSo Cloud


March 29, 2019

Adobe Connect 10 is here! We are happy to announce that Adobe Connect 10.1.1 is available in our Secure Private Cloud and we can start planning your upgrade when you are ready (Managed Service Customers only). Adobe Connect 10.2 is not far behind.

Adobe Connect 10 has a new, modern participant HTML5 user interface, and it also has new audio workflows and HD Video. Adobe Connect 10 has taken a significant step towards moving away from Flash and towards HTML5. Participants will love the modern design, and we at CoSo are very excited about it.

Please contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) for a demo, training, and information about upcoming office hours.

What to Expect in Adobe Connect 10.1

New HTML Client for Participants

  • Nothing to download or install – eliminate barriers to entry
  • Supported by modern browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari
  • Greater accessibility including support for screen readers

New User Interface

  • Modern design elements
  • Incredibly fast and easy to use
  • Enables participants to interact with chat, polls, Q&A, status options, and more

New Audio workflows

  • Microphone support for participants using the HTML client
  • Simplified workflows for VoIP and telephony

HD Video

  • Broadcast video in high definition at 720p
  • Video scales dynamically to conserve bandwidth

Out-of-the-box Single Sign On

  • Authenticate users with SAML-2.0 Identity Providers such as Okta
  • Improve the workflow of joining an Adobe Connect meeting

For More Background

Visit the Adobe Connect 10 Overview

Frequently Asked Questions 

Thank you!
The CoSo Cloud Team

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