CoSo Cloud Attains DISA IL4 Certification for DoD Customers


October 18, 2022

CoSo’s DISA IL4 certification enables federal agencies using Adobe Connect to meet security mandates issued by the US government for virtual training and sensitive high-consequence web meetings

South Plainfield, NJ, October 18th, 2022 — CoSo Cloud (CoSo), a leading provider of secure, private-cloud managed services and software applications for virtual classroom training and high-consequence meetings, announced today that it has achieved Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) authorization to operate (ATO) at Impact Level 4 (IL4). CoSo previously attained DISA IL2 certification for federal government agencies. The new IL4 certification makes CoSo the only Adobe Connect
partner to achieve this level of DoD’s strict requirements for the government’s most sensitive, Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) in cloud computing environments, including data that could lead to “life and financial ruin.”

CoSo Cloud’s IL4 classification makes it possible for federal, state and local agencies to use Adobe Connect to create innovative eLearning and training programs with immersive digital learning experiences in a secure private cloud. CoSo’s secure private cloud platform integrates with various learning management systems (LMS) and has built additional subscription applications to further complete the virtual learning solutions while retaining security, compliance, confidentiality, integrity and availability.

With the IL4 certification, CoSo is now facilitating a cloud-based training and worldwide seminar environment that will enable the Marine Corps Education, College of Distance Education and Training (CDET) to effectively increase operational readiness. “Part of our curriculum utilizes CUI information,” said Larry E. Smith II, ED.S, Technical Director at USMC CDET. “By providing our instructors and students the ability to leverage the tools available from CoSo in the Adobe Connect virtual classrooms within an IL4 environment is a big win for not only us, but across government agencies.”

DISA assists DoD agencies and departments in planning and authorizing the use of a Cloud Service Operator (CSO) while ensuring they meet DoD cloud security requirements. FedRAMP authorizes Cloud Service Providers (CSOs) at low, moderate, moderate +, and high impact levels. DISA leverages the Impact Level process. IL4 is a certification that allows for processing and storage of Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) or Non-CUI, Non-Critical Mission Information and Non-National Security Systems.

“CoSo Cloud continues to make investments to ensure our customers have the critical security certifications to enable them to hold high-consequence virtual training and meetings with high confidence and reliability” said CoSo Cloud CEO Glen D. Vondrick, “Multiple civilian government agencies depend upon our FedRAMP Moderate certification, and now with DISA IL4 we are also able to help DoD components use the secure CoSo Cloud platform to conduct business for our distributed armed forces.”

The US DoD, Microsoft, Nvidia, General Motors, FEMA, DHS, FDA, CDC, Boeing, Dominos, Raytheon and many others leverage CoSo’s Secure Private Cloud Platform to deploy products and applications from Adobe and Zoom.

About CoSo Cloud
CoSo Cloud LLC provides secure private-cloud managed services, custom software applications, and expert professional services for high-consequence virtual training and
eLearning. Global enterprises and government agency customers rely on CoSo to complete their Adobe Connect and Captivate Prime solutions when security, compliance, and reliability requirements demand more from virtual meetings and learning management systems. CoSo Cloud is an Adobe, SAP and Zoom partner.

Jordan Slade
MSR Communications

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