CoSo Cloud and Class Technologies Combine Field-Tested Tools for High-Consequence Training


September 30, 2022

The last few years have pushed virtual learning into overdrive. Universities, corporations, and government agencies were forced to move most or all their education and training programs to virtual platforms. Previous myths about what could and could not be achieved in a virtual learning environment were shattered.

There have been challenges with the rapid and widespread adoption of virtual learning since 2020, mainly around information security and scale. Still, the successes can be attributed largely to innovation and the discovery of advanced tools and methodologies for conducting effective virtual learning.


Field-tested tools

Class Technologies has developed an innovative state-of-the-art virtual learning toolset, which includes a virtual classroom, training, and learning add-ons for Zoom. Class provides a live virtual learning environment that brings human connection to the virtual world, providing an opportunity to foster authentic connections between employees and organizations. In addition, instructors and facilitators can be more confident and effective with tools that help bring content to life through various techniques. These include one-on-one and simultaneous group conversations, practice and feedback, easy resource sharing, enhanced breakout rooms, automated enrollments, persistence, course templating, enterprise application integrations, and comprehensive reporting.

These tools can make the difference between a virtual learning strategy that is more effective than in-person equivalents. Every organization moving toward virtual and hybrid learning strategies should have access to the right tools to maximize the effectiveness of its objectives. That’s why we’ve been so excited to partner with Class.


Security for High-consequence Learning

CoSo’s area of expertise is in e-learning solutions for high-consequence environments: where training effectiveness is essential, but the consequences of security breaches could be catastrophic. This is why the DoD, the FDA, CDC, Citibank, and Novartis trust CoSo to protect the sensitive information shared within each session.

We are bringing our expertise in secure online meetings, virtual training, secure private cloud backbone, and compliance-assured tools to Class’s customers. Likewise, we will bring Class’s highly effective suite of tools to CoSo’s customers who are already Zoom users.

CoSo’s platform delivers FedRAMP-level security, which means federal agencies required to work with FedRAMP-certified vendors now have a straightforward way to access Class’s powerful tools. FedRAMP is a government-wide certification program providing a standardized approach to security assessment, authorization, and continuous monitoring for cloud products and services. Its primary goal is to help government agencies migrate to the cloud safely by certifying cloud service providers that have met the most rigorous requirements and testing.


Maturing virtual learning across sectors

Class’ background, driven by their founder’s Blackboard experience, is primarily in the education space. They’ve been refining their tools under the rigor of delivering virtual learning solutions, including advanced university courses. Through CoSo’s own background, these robust, field-tested tools are now even more available to corporate and government customers.

As we recover from the emergency need for virtual learning, and many organizations have seen its benefits, sharing knowledge, tools, and expertise across sectors will help virtual training continue to mature and flourish.

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