Virtual Classroom HTML5 Support in Adobe Connect 9.5


July 13, 2016

While Adobe’s most recent release of Connect, 9.5, has been out a while, there are some under the radar features worth calling out. HTML5 support is one the most awaited and noteworthy.  Adobe has been doing a great job of transitioning to HTML5 while ensuring Connect retains its place offering the highest levels of Engagement which is especially necessary for virtual classrooms.  No easy feat, given that the many audio and video codecs making up HTML5 have yet to be standardized. 

Support for HTML content in Virtual Classrooms

In this release, a lot of emphases has been put into better support for web standards. In a recent blog post, Adobe mentioned plans to adopt HTML5.  That support begins with Adobe Connect 9.5 enabling you to import your HTML5 learning content from Adobe Captivate Prime and Adobe Presenter into an Adobe Connect virtual classroom.  This will enable instructors who have moved from Flash eLearning content to HTML5 to continue to import their courses into their virtual classrooms.

The new functionality is built into the Adobe Connect 9.5 add-in, meaning that participants in the virtual classroom using only a browser and the Flash Player will need to download the latest add-in to view the content.  Adobe has made this as painless as possible with the click of a button.  An indicator on the Attendees pod shows the instructor if anyone in the classroom isn’t using the add-in.

This move toward HTML5 is really great for those of us using the mobile client as it has become more and more powerful with each release.  It now approaches the desktop client in terms of functionality making the mobile learning experience even more exciting and immersive.

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