How Do Your Employees Really Learn: Webinar Recap


June 24, 2016

Our recent webinar on “How Employees Really Learn” seems to really have people talking about how employees learn.  Patrick Marchand from presented some really revealing statistics on the topic recently at the CLO conference.  The gist of what he shared was that the average employee these days does a lot more eLearning than the average CLO is even aware of!   How can that be, I thought?  Well, these results resonated so much that I did some informal research on my own, interviewing colleagues and friends and found that their eLearning profiles matched the study exactly. 

It turns out that there are a lot of Employee-Led eLearning channels that are touched much more frequently than there are ‘official’ corporate eLearning sources.  The typical employee is much more likely to attend, engage, reference, and use small pieces (micro-learning) of content that they feel are directly applicable to their day to day work and career.  These sources aren’t what we usually think of.  They’re anything from YouTube and Vimeo tutorials to role-specific sources (like StackOverflow and GitHub, both frequented mainly by engineers).   In addition to being self-discovered and relevant, the social components of these tools kept users coming back to them.

A common eLearning theme, whether looking at employee (self) led eLearning or ‘official’ corporate curriculums is engagement.  This is as true of live content and course material as it is for on-demand content, even if provided in snippets, micro-learning-style.  In our next webinar, we’re going to cover some quick ways to increase engagement including a review of how our top eLearning programs are to kicking the most engaging virtual classrooms up a notch with Gamification and Social Learning.  Hope you can join us!

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