Adobe Connect Enterprise Tips & Tricks: Turn your iPhone into a wireless microphone and video camera for Adobe Connect


March 9, 2016

Ever find yourself as a meeting host in the position where the people on the line can’t hear the questions or inputs from the audience who are physically located in the meeting, and you have to repeat everything? We have a solution for that.

Without a doubt, Adobe Connect is a powerful tool. The platform enables you to host or attend online meetings, webinars and virtual classes anytime, anywhere. But repeating everything for your remote users can be frustrating and wastes precious time. This is especially challenging when you are presenting to large audiences. Our team has shared this challenge and to overcome it we turn our iPhones into a wireless microphone and video camera. Here’s how we do it:

  1. Download the Adobe Connect mobile app and log in to your session as a participant then give yourself host access.
  2. Enable the mic and camera on your iPhone through the Adobe Connect mobile app.
  3. Once enabled you can point your device to the audience as the questioner and the remote participants can see and hear the question being asked.

Now you are no longer tethered to your presenting machine and can walk through and fully engage with your physical audience, regardless of size. This is a really great solution to connect both of your audiences while enabling true engagement.  It really brings them into the physical room in the way only Adobe Connect can. 

We like this trick so much that for a while now we have been running all of our Adobe Connect meetings on our iPhones as a matter of course. The only caveats are having a good signal for the phone and avoiding audio feedback if there are speakers nearby in the room. Impresses people every time and avoids the dreaded “host repeating every audience question” scenario we know so well.


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