Moving to a Fresh New Look: HTML5 and Adobe Connect 11


August 13, 2020

Approximately 3 years ago, Adobe announced a broad strategy to embrace open web standards and end-of-life Flash Player by the end of 2020. On their blog the Adobe Connect team confirmed the announcement

Major browser vendors are already integrating open standards such as HTML5 into their browsers and deprecating Adobe Flash Player and most other plug-ins. Through our close partnership with the Adobe Connect team, we at CoSo Cloud have been working hard to help our shared customers move to a Flash-free browser experience by the end of the year.

Our primary objective at CoSo is to make our customers successful while offering the highest security platform for Adobe Connect.  We will support our customers move to Connect 11 by releasing modernized versions of our most strategic products and services. CoSo’s applications and extensions, such as our Video Player pod for YouTube and our EduGame Cloud suite of eLearning resources, will be updated to take advantage of the full HTML5 Host and Participant experience available to all Connect users for the first time in the Connect 11 release.

What is CoSo Doing to Support the Transition to HTML5?

Adobe Connect Managed Service Readiness

Our Data Center Operations team works around the clock to thoroughly test each new version of Adobe Connect as it is made available to us. The moment a new version of Adobe Connect is delivered, the team begins to put it through its paces to ensure it meets our stringent operational standards. Testing includes a rich variety of scenarios to make sure customer upgrades, migrations, customizations, and integrations will not experience interruption.

Adobe Connect 11 Upgrades

CoSo has already begun to work with our Secure Managed Service customers to prepare for upgrades to Connect 11. While this change is significant because the technology used to run Connect Meetings has changed, be assured that the new and refreshed user interface in Connect 11 promises numerous updates and optimizations, all while using the familiar and flexible pod and layout based paradigm. Your existing rooms and templates will continue to work after the upgrade and will run automatically in the modernized HTML5 web client and desktop application.

Our Managed Services customers at CoSo Cloud always have the option of when to upgrade to the latest version of Adobe Connect, and this continues to be the case with Connect 11. What is distinct this year, however, is that an upgrade to Connect 11 is highly recommended before the end of the calendar year, given that Flash will no longer be distributed or supported by Adobe after this date. See the link above for more details on this change, or if you are a CoSo Cloud customer, reach out to your Customer Success Manager to discuss the implications of the EOL of Flash.

Customer Success Partnership

Our hands-on team of Customer Success Managers is working with our partners and customers to help bridge any knowledge gaps or concerns that may arise throughout the transition to the new user experience. The team has provided guidance throughout the early ‘hybrid’ mode updates. Several customers have already embraced the web client for their meeting Participants, while Hosts continue to work in the Classic Connect experience.  Additionally, CoSo’s field team includes Sales and Customer Success Managers who work with our customers to create a modernization plan that best meets the needs and timeline of each organization. Our team is focused on helping customers plan their move to the refreshed full Adobe Connect HTML5 experience.

CoSo Product and Subscription Updates

There are many extensions, tools, pods and integrations included in CoSo’s full set of offerings, and the majority have some dependency on Flash. Recognizing our customers need solutions to meet today’s security and platform requirements, we will upgrade our strategic offerings to meet the Flash EOL deadline. A new HTML5 version of CoSo’s YouTube Pod is coming early this fall. The new YouTube pod has been created to provide video streaming services fully embedded in the Connect 11 HTML5 meeting room. Watch for more CoSo release announcements throughout the end of 2020.

What Updates Can I Expect with Connect 11?

Adobe Connect continues to be the most secure, compliant, flexible, extensible, and feature-rich Virtual Classroom and Training platform on the market. Connect 11 is a major release providing new meeting applications, a completely new interface for hosts and presenters, improvements to key features and improved accessibility. With this release, Adobe Connect will no longer rely upon the Flash Player to provide its rich set of functionality and interactivity.

A partial list of Connect 11 highlights from the Adobe Connect 11.0 Release Notes:

  • New Applications:
    • Windows application with modernized user interface across meetings, virtual classrooms, and seminars. Provides full feature set including, HD cameras and screen sharing
    • Mac application with greater reliability and improved support for USB microphones
  • Improved Features:
    • More sophisticated Layout Management
    • Better control over the Host/Presenter-Only area
    • Custom names can be assigned to Breakout Rooms
    • Share pods support animated GIF content
  • Greater Accessibility
    • Participants can now access subtitles and descriptive audio tracks in MP4 videos
    • Uploaded PDF content can now be read by screen readers

A key part of the CoSo mission is to ‘Complete Your Solution’ in the way that works best for the unique needs of each customer. Continue to check our blog for updates and to learn how CoSo can support your organization. Let us complete your solution!

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