Goodbye 2020…Hello 2021!


December 31, 2020

And so, we are at the end of a year where so many things made life so difficult for so many people, and for 330,000 people and their families in the U.S., a whole lot worse.  The hardest part of 2020 was the viscous grip of the global pandemic that in some way negatively impacted most every person in the world.  But finally in December some good things happened with the approval of vaccines from three groups of partners that show promise on the horizon to defeat it and return to normal.

The CoSo family feels grateful having finished 2020 without any Covid-19 casualties, and also lucky to have had a good year from a business perspective, most importantly without the need for any layoffs. We are enjoying more employees now than one year ago.  It is because of our strong partners and customer relationships we ended the year strong.

One of the great partnerships CoSo enjoys is with Adobe Systems. One of the applications that CoSo hosts in our secure private cloud (in the form of a white glove managed service), is Adobe Connect.  This award winning virtual classroom and eLearning delivery application was leveraged extensively by the federal government to assist with many challenges of Covid-19, including by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.  Can you imagine the year that the FDA had?!?  They stepped up big time smashing all records for their swift and expert analysis, research and acceptance of the aforementioned vaccines.

One of the great days of 2020 was December 10th when the FDA’s CBER panel voted to authorize Pfizer’s vaccine. It was widely publicized given the vital nature of the decisions they were informing the public of and watched by millions of people on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, CNN, NBC, CSPAN and other media outlets, The platform the FDA used to announce the authorization was Adobe Connect managed within CoSo’s secure private cloud data centers.

Adobe Connect <<powered by CoSo Cloud>> is ideal for the highest consequence use cases, and the FDA national communications (as well as other meetings during the winter) fits that definition perfectly. What could possibly be more important or ‘consequential’ than the FDA announcing to the world that they would be approving for general use the first Covid-19 vaccine in the United States?  CoSo was proud to be the provider trusted with the security safeguards and infrastructure stability for such an important event.



Happy New Year to all … here’s looking forward to a far better year in 2021!

Jim Seaman is the Chief Revenue Officer at CoSo Cloud

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