Need to publish to Youtube? Automating FLV to MP4 Conversion


August 29, 2017

Do you ever need to publish recordings of Training sessions outside Virtual Training Platform?  Extending the reach of valuable content to places like your corporate website, intranet or Youtube can give your training even higher exposure.  

When you create recordings in Adobe Connect, the default format is FLV.  The native experience in Adobe is not desirable, where your computer is tied up the entire duration of the session to produce the recording.  On top of that, many videos hosting platforms such as YouTube prefer MP4 and may not accept FLV.   Did you know you can automate the conversion of your Adobe Connect recordings to MP4 using the eSyncTraining MP4 service?

With the eSyncTraining MP4 service, you can automatically convert native Adobe Connect recordings into MP4 videos.  The MP4 service allows you do this without occupying your computer and time like the conversion process does in Adobe Connect. With this service, you also have the option of adding fully editable and searchable speech-to-text subtitling.  This feature has been great for many of CoSo Cloud customers who must meet 508 compliance standards.  The unique speech-to-text tool provides full annotation of the video conversation with up to 98% accuracy and exclusive text editing capabilities for users to search and correct text within their transcript. You can download the transcript as a PDF or HTML file for optimal sharing.

Here is a list of key features:

  • Fast, undisrupted turnaround of your video files to MP4
  • Automated and accurate speech-to-text subtitling
  • Search & seek function allows you to find keywords and time markers within the recordings
  • True post-production 508 compliant video files
  • Native playback through HTML5 player, allowing playback on desktop and Mobile device.

Interested in trying it? Reach out to our CSM team.

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