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Learning Tree Brings In-Class Experience to Students around Globe

Aug 9, 2016   /   by

If you’re one of the 2.4 million IT and business professionals who have taken an online class with Learning Tree International, you know just how immersive their in-class learning experience is. Their AnyWare™ web-based attendance platform lets students connect to a live classroom from virtually anywhere in the world. Powered by Adobe Connect with custom […]

Small Changes Make Help Make a Big Impact in Adobe Connect 9.5

Jul 25, 2016   /   by

Adobe made some exciting new features available in the 9.5 release like local MP4 conversion and  HTML5 support, but they’ve also done a lot of small things that help us get more out of Connect.  Constant improvements in the things that help increase Engagement always excite us.   The video pod has been made smarter, bandwidth […]

Micro-Learning With Adobe Connect 9.5 Features

Jul 20, 2016   /   by

One of the most useful features to come along in a while for Adobe Connect was part of the 9.5 release and is definitely worth trying if you haven’t already.  Local MP4 conversion easily converts any Adobe Connect meeting, webinar, or eLearning experience into a universally usable MP4 file.  Combined with Adobe Connects built-in editing […]

Taking Virtual Classrooms to the Next Level of Engagement

Jul 18, 2016   /   by

Engagement is one of the hottest new trends in eLearning and we’ve found it be one of the keys to creating an effective eLearning program.  Join us July 21 at 11 a.m. PT / 2 p.m. ET for a new webinar in which experts from CoSo and eSyncTraining—a leading developer of engagement tools for virtual […]

Virtual Classroom HTML5 Support in Adobe Connect 9.5

Jul 13, 2016   /   by

While Adobe’s most recent release of Connect, 9.5, has been out a while, there are some under the radar features worth calling out. HTML5 support is one the most awaited and noteworthy.  Adobe has been doing a great job of transitioning to HTML5 while ensuring Connect retains its place offering the highest levels of Engagement […]

How Do Your Employees Really Learn: Webinar Recap

Jun 24, 2016   /   by

Our recent webinar on “How Employees Really Learn” seems to really have people talking about how employees learn.  Patrick Marchand from presented some really revealing statistics on the topic recently at the CLO conference.  The gist of what he shared was that the average employee these days does a lot more eLearning than the […]

Does the Best Talent Require the Best Tech?

Jun 13, 2016   /   by

When organizations consider the benefits of enterprise tech, they undoubtedly focus on how that tech delivers value for the business. But, it is increasingly being suggested that organizations should also consider how enterprise tech might aid in the attraction and retention of top-level talent.Even as far back as 2014, on the website for the Association […]

Mobile Learning: What’s Driving It?

May 23, 2016   /   by

Last year, McGraw-Hill Education conducted a survey that showed 81 percent of students are incorporating mobile devices into their study habits.In the enterprise where, according to a recent Gallup Poll, telecommuters make up as much as 37 percent of the workforce, the reliance on mobile devices continues to grow. But if you think that’s the […]

Explosive Demand for eLearning Delivery

May 17, 2016   /   by

In past year, we’ve been excited to see a mass evolution of the eLearning ecosystem.  We’ve seen first hand through custom developments we’ve created on behalf of  our customers to other brilliant and engaging custom pods developed by our partners and others. We’d like to share with you, our perspective on a couple of the drivers […]

Adobe Connect Tips – Making the Background Work For You

Apr 25, 2016   /   by

Looking for ways to make your presentation sizzle?  Background wallpaper is an often neglected aspect of setting up an Adobe Connect room.  At best it’s given a quick company standard background, often an abstract design in company colors and maybe a company logo.  At worst it’s left default blank and covered up with pods in […]

Adobe Connect Tips – The Hidden Camera Pod

Apr 20, 2016   /   by

Do you ever find yourself wanting a more interesting layout for your Adobe Connect meetings or presentation to make it stand out?  Here’s a layout trick that might save you some time. I use the layout feature a lot in Connect meetings.  They’re a great way to keep track of the outline of a meeting […]

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Is It Time to Drop the ‘e’ in eLearning?

You read the title for this post. And now you want to know: is CoSo Cloud suggesting that everyone drop the ‘e’ in eLearning? No, eLearning still accurately defines education applied through electronic means. Web-based learning. Virtual classrooms. Computer-based training. Webinars. Mobile learning. These are all forms of eLearning not only because they transfer knowledge […]
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