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August 12, 2019

A recent survey by CareerBuilder suggests 36% of employers neglect to implement a structured onboarding process for new employees. Meanwhile, those that do have an onboarding program in place tend to devote far less than the 12 months many experts believe is the ideal ramp-up time for a new employee. According to the same survey, about 77% of onboarding programs only last up to three months. 38% of programs are lucky if they make it a week.

While organizations are increasingly recognizing the benefits of a robust onboarding program—namely arming employees with the information about the company and their job they need to have a measurable positive impact on the business—many just aren’t making it a priority.

Make no mistake, proper onboarding is a strategic imperative and virtual training should play a significant role in creating the extended onboarding experience people need to perform to expectations. In addition to cutting down attrition, onboarding shortens the learning curve for faster and more sustained productivity. The employee is more aware not only of the organization’s processes and goals, but also corporate culture. This helps prevent early missteps that, if left unchecked, can lead to employees that are simply out of sync with the rest of the organization.

This is where virtual training comes in. Effective virtual training is more than just an online meeting. With the right virtual classroom training solution, you can easily, reliably and securely deliver an onboarding program that delivers real-time information to the segment of your workforce population that needs it, communicates changing business strategies as needs change, secures consistent comprehension of strategy, messages and data, and ensures new workers are working alongside experienced workers to meet the same organizational goals.

With web-based virtual training also comes sophisticated video, gamification and other features that engage new employees for deeper and longer retention of all the important information you need to convey. If yours is a large organization, you’ll want to know that with virtual training you can deliver the same content consistently to anyone around the globe but with fast and easy customization that lets you align with different languages, localized needs and more. You can also accelerate the onboarding process by making your sessions and accompanying documents available around the clock from anywhere.

But there’s so much more that virtual training can do to help get your onboarding program quickly up and running. Learn more here!

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