CoSo Cloud Survey Shows Working Remotely Benefits Employers and Employees


February 17, 2015

77% Report Greater Productivity and 52% are Less Likely to Take Time Off

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 17, 2015 — ConnectSolutions (now CoSo Cloud), the trusted private-cloud solutions provider for Adobe® Connect™, today announced the results of its latest Remote Collaborative Worker Survey, which suggests clear cost-savings and productivity gains for companies that employ remote workers as well as a number of both personal and professional benefits for workers themselves.

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“Our Remote Collaborative Worker Survey suggests there are significant benefits to be gained by both remote workers and their employers with off-site employees motivated to work harder and more efficiently to protect both the personal and professional benefits of working remotely,” said Michael Fitzpatrick, CEO of ConnectSolutions. “Even the personal benefits workers experience can be viewed as employer benefits since workers tend to be happier, less stressed out, and healthier, thereby bringing down the costs of turnover, absenteeism, lower productivity, and other issues.”

Employer Benefits:

Whether remote workers are able to work with greater efficiency off-site or are more motivated to demonstrate off-site effectiveness, of the 39% who work remotely at least a few times per month, 77% report greater productivity while working off site with 30% accomplishing more in less time and 24% accomplishing more in the same amount of time. 23% are even willing to work longer hours than they normally would on site to accomplish more while 52% are less likely to take time off when working remotely—even when sick.

When it comes to camaraderie and collaboration, 42% of remote workers feel they’re just as connected with colleagues as if they were working on-premises, and 10% feel even more connected.

Employee Benefits:

Respondents indicate a clear financial motive in working remotely, with the largest group of remote workers (30%) reporting savings of as much as $5,240 per year simply accounting for expenses. Half of the remote workers surveyed also say being able to work remotely at least some of the time makes them much more likely to stay with the company.

Personal satisfaction and quality-of-life also seem to play a strong role in the allure of working remotely: 45% of remote workers are getting more sleep, 35% are getting more physical exercise, and 42% are eating healthier. Overall, 44% have a more positive attitude and 53% report reduced stress. 51% spend more time with their significant others, adding to the greater job satisfaction.

Technological Drivers:

Of the digital communication and collaboration tools available, email is the most used at 88% with instant messaging (47%), video conferencing (36%), VoIP/Skype (32%), and presence functionality (30%) also commonly relied upon by remote workers. 28% of those surveyed use an enterprise unified communication solution, such as Microsoft Skype for Business.

Mobile devices with growing desktop-like functionality are also doing much to empower workers remotely—at home or in the field, including cafes, parks and other non-traditional locations—with 40% of those surveyed able to conduct at least half of their total workload on a smartphone, tablet or other mobile devices.

“What we found is people who work remotely often feel a greater need to perform,” Fitzpatrick added. “But ultimately, successful remote work requires collaboration, and collaboration depends on relationships and frictionless communication.”

353 US Internet users 18 years old and over participated in the CoSo Cloud Remote Worker Survey, conducted online during the month of December, 2014.

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