ConnectSolutions Webinar: Taking Virtual Classrooms to the Next Level of Engagement


July 18, 2016

ConnectSolutions Webinar: Taking Virtual Classrooms to the Next Level of Engagement

eSyncTraining Joins CoSo in Presenting Best Practices for Improving the Learner Experience


SAN FRANCISCO, July 18, 2016—ConnectSolutions (CoSo), a leading provider of highly customized eLearning solutions, today announced a new webinar in which experts from CoSo and eSyncTraining—a leading developer of engagement tools for virtual classrooms and meetings—will discuss how organizations can dramatically improve the results of their eLearning programs by driving stronger engagement with the learner. The webinar will take place July 21 at 11 a.m. PT / 2 p.m. ET. To register, click here.

Engagement is key to creating an effective eLearning program. In this webinar, eSyncTraining’s Jacquie Beck and CoSo’s Sean Morrison will cover the latest trends and applications that can dramatically improve the learner experience through tools such as gamification, quizzes and peer-to-peer interaction.

The webinar is a must for:

  • Training Directors
  • Training Managers
  • eLearning Program Managers
  • Training Project Managers

Attendees will also learn:

  • How stronger learning experiences drive healthy competition among remote learners
  • How immersive virtual classrooms can lead to better retention and adoption of shared practices
  • How the latest tools have impacted the growth and success of several industry leaders


About the Presenters:

Jacquie Beck, SVP of Sales and Training at eSyncTraining

Jacquie Beck, M.Ed. has been creating interactive learning applications for over 20 years. She is a Master Trainer for Adobe and has authored several articles on Virtual Training and written several books on Best Practices for eLearning and Web Conferencing Etiquette. She has worked with The Ford Motor Company, Boeing, KPMG, FedEx, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Disney, Wharton Business School, Florida State University, Department of Defense, EPA, FDA and many other companies with diverse eLearning initiatives. Ms. Beck is the Senior Vice President, Training & Business Development, at eSyncTraining and ConnectExtensions.


Sean Morrison, Product Lead at ConnectSolutions


Sean Morrison is an Adobe Connect ecosystem veteran and product lead at ConnectSolutions, one the world’s largest enterprise education platform providers. Sean has more than twenty years of results bringing nascent technologies to market, with a focus on communications platforms. His background spans startups and enterprises ranging from the Department of Defense to EarthLink to Level 3 with roles focused around engineering and product development. Sean also writes for and speaks at a European technology incubator with a focus on entrepreneurship, technology, and culture.

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About eSync Training

eSyncTraining is an industry leader in extending the power of Adobe Connect for custom pods and Adobe Connect API work. The eSyncTraining team also has worked on custom e-Learning courses, intricate communications applications, and a wide range of web-based solutions to upgrade, streamline and automate processes. The eSyncTraining development process supports any web, mobile, desktop or RIA development goal, offering its clients an unmatched depth and experience in building custom applications.

About ConnectSolutions

With over 9 billion collaboration minutes delivered for millions of end users, CoSo products, services, and unrivaled expertise are relied upon by large distributed enterprises, US government agencies, and professional eLearning/virtual training organizations requiring highly customized, secure and reliable eLearning and virtual classroom solutions. Citibank, FEMA, General Motors, General Services Administration, KPMG, Raytheon and the Transportation Security Administration are among the 400+ organizations that rely on CoSo for their customized and FedRAMP-compliant virtual classroom experiences. For more information about ConnectSolutions, visit:

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