ConnectSolutions Launches Powerful Reporting for High Consequence Virtual Training and Collaboration


March 13, 2017

CoSo Managed Services Customers Gain Real-Time Visibility into User Engagement and Collaboration in the CoSo Private Cloud

SAN FRANCISCO, March 13, 2017—ConnectSolutions (CoSo), a leading private cloud managed services provider of secure virtual classroom training and web conferencing, today announced new real-time monitoring, reporting and administration capabilities for high-consequence businesses and large government agencies to measure eLearning engagement and return-on-investment goals.

With CSI, large enterprises and government agencies gain access to information previously unavailable to those relying on Adobe Connect for secure collaboration, virtual training, and mission critical web conferencing. Global administrators can now assess the status of critical meetings as they take place, pull up weekly and monthly trend data, and track progress against original program goals. CSI also allows IT staff to detect and correct any potential private cloud infrastructure issues before they become major problems that could disrupt critical communication during crisis events.

“We are very excited to provide cutting-edge monitoring and reporting capabilities that help our customers ensure their Adobe Connect investments are lining up with eLearning program goals,” said CoSo CEO Glen D. Vondrick. “Previously, training managers were not able to quickly measure and communicate how well their virtual sessions were doing in real time. Now they also have the ability to use historical and prediction modeling data to deliver continuous improvement over time—critical for any organization that depends on the frequent and rapid transfer of knowledge to serve its customers or citizens.”

CoSo’s customized solutions for high consequence web conferencing and virtual training are designed to exceed the already stringent requirements for security, compliance and reliability of large enterprises and governmental agencies. With the addition of CoSo Insights to CoSo’s trusted private managed cloud platform, eLearning program managers and IT administrators can:

  • Monitor in real-time all live and on-demand training program activity in easy to digest graphs and charts, including real-time usage by users, minutes and concurrency
  • Generate prediction modeling for future usage based on past performance
  • Monitor systems and multiple meetings simultaneously
  • Respond to emergencies or critical meetings in process by altering usage priorities
  • Create notifications for currency based on specific needs
  • Monitor multiple systems across disparate geographies and manage license utilization

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About ConnectSolutions
ConnectSolutions (CoSo) is a trusted private cloud managed services provider for businesses and government agencies that need the highest reliability and security for their high-consequence virtual training and web conferencing.  The CoSo Cloud platform meets or exceeds most security and regulatory compliance requirements for SOC 2, HIPAA, HITRUST and FedRAMP.  Citigroup, FEMA, General Motors, General Services Administration, KPMG, Raytheon and the Transportation Security Administration are among the many enterprises and government agencies relying upon CoSo for high reliability and protection of their sensitive data. ConnectSolutions is an authorized Adobe Connect Gold partner.  For more information about CoSo, visit:

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