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September 21, 2016

Engagement is one of the hottest new trends in eLearning and a key element in creating an effective eLearning program We recently hosted a webinar on what is engagement, how to create it and why it’s a must have for your virtual classroom. One of the key highlights from the webinar was how engagement in the Virtual Classroom directly impacts how employees absorb information.

Take a look at interactive video versus a still camera or voice talking over a point. Which do you think employees will absorb more? Just like you are more likely to recall quotes from movies that a book you’ve read – content presented in an interesting, visual format can drive engagement. Dynamic movement, themes, storylines & games that draw users into content in multi-facets help create a-HAH moments.

Our partner eSyncTraining showcased some of the last tools in the marketplace available for your Virtual Classroom. One of engagement tools we looked at were EduGame Cloud, with puzzles games allowing peer-to-peer interaction and fun, competitive interaction with other learners. Not to mention, they were a breeze to create with the tool. Another critical area we covered was LMS integration with your Virtual classroom software. Integration with most LMS systems is fairly straight forward with LTI integration.

Watch this great webinar on-demand now. You specifically see:

  • Stronger learning experiences drive healthy competition among remote learners
  • Immersive virtual classrooms can lead to better retention and adoption of shared practices
  • The latest tools have impacted the growth and success of several industry leaders

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