New Survey Shows Compliance Still a Concern for Video Conferencing


February 5, 2020

Compliance Week recently wrote about Smarsh’s ninth annual Electronic Communications Compliance survey, which shows only 42% of firms have policies in place to govern video conferencing and other collaboration tools. The survey queried over 300 compliance professionals in the financial services industry.

In heavily regulated industries such as healthcare or financial services, compliant digital communications are already a known imperative. But business in general is becoming increasingly regulated, which is why the survey findings are such a concern. Typical online meeting offerings to not provide the governance or audit capabilities today’s organizations need to ensure they’re compliant with all data security and privacy regulations. But many organizations are unsure of whether certain regulations apply to them and, if so, what steps they should take to be compliant.

In addition to GDPR (which applies to your business if it processes any personal data of people who are located in the EU), there’s the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which will give California-based consumers similar data protections that EU-based individuals now enjoy under GDPR. These include the right to know what data is being collected and how it’s being used, the right to refuse the sale of such data, and the right to delete such data. Depending on who you ask, about half of affected organizations are in compliance with either GDPR or CCPA even though GDPR has been in effect since May 2018 and CCPA goes into effect January 2020.

This all underscores the importance of implementing the processes and supporting enforcement technologies organizations need to maintain compliance, as well as finding the right partners to assist them with navigating today’s complex regulatory landscape. With CoSo Cloud, organizations can ensure their collaboration and training programs are fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA, SOC, HIPAA, HITRUST, PII, FedRAMP, PIPEDA, and other guidelines.

CoSo Cloud is also certified under the EU-US and Swiss-US Privacy Shield frameworks as set forth by the U.S. Department of Commerce regarding the collection, use, processing, and cross-border transfer of personal data from the EU and Switzerland to the United States. By baking data privacy and security into the entire development process of our products and ensuring our personnel also meet the most rigorous security compliance guidelines, we ensure our customers regardless of industry can conduct high consequence virtual training and meetings safely and securely.

Ready to take the next step? Contact CosoCloud to learn more about how we provide secure and compliant virtual training and web conference meetings today.

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