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September 6, 2019

The primary focus of this blog has always been to provide readers with best practices and other information that can make their training programs more successful. You can learn more about CoSo Cloud’s capabilities elsewhere on our site, right?

You’ve seen it before: CoSo provides a secure private cloud platform as a managed service for distributed businesses and government agencies to conduct reliable virtual training and engage in high-consequence virtual meetings.

But to fully appreciate the value of what we do, sometimes you have to look not at our capabilities, but at what our capabilities have helped customers accomplish.

Citigroup, FEMA, General Motors, the General Services Administration, KPMG, Raytheon and the Transportation Security Administration are among the many customers relying on CoSo Cloud for high reliability and protection of their sensitive data. But that’s only the beginning.

We also built GM’s platform for mobile training. Now GM is able to reliably host as many as two million courses regardless of trainee locations—all with dashboards uniquely fed by aggregated learning data from CoSo that allows GM to ensure its employees are armed with the skills and information they need to meet expectations.

CoSo’s hosted platform helps the Food Protection and Defense Institute connect with federal agencies, state and local governments, and food manufacturers so they can cooperate in protecting our nation’s intricate food system. This vital communication hub is especially mission critical during times of crisis when any disruption of service or network intrusion puts the lives of hundreds of millions of Americans at risk.

Well-known education provider Kaplan turned to CoSo to create a virtual environment that provides faculty and students with a unique human feel not normally associated with the high technology of online learning. The result: a reliable, secure, web-based academic platform that turns the world into their classroom.

Our FedRAMP-certified cloud solution supports the General Services Administration’s very high security and monitoring standards with highly customized and sophisticated reporting capabilities. CoSo also demonstrated unique expertise in the successful integration of Adobe Connect with GSA’s single sign-on, user authentication system, which allowed users to employ a single login to access all of the various services they were cleared to access—something very few telco and virtual meeting vendors have yet to master.

CoSo is also deeply entrenched in several big industries/sectors, such as:

Financial: Leading financial organizations including Schwab, Citigroup and KPMG rely on CoSo for secure virtual training and web conferencing. In such a regulated industry, having secure, compliant and reliable digital communications is an imperative.

Government: Government agencies often run e-learning platforms at this large scale. But their handling of sensitive, secure, and mission-critical information must be treated with additional care. Our platform is so secure that the U.S. Department of Defense has relied upon it for protecting battlefield briefings. In fact, 20 governmental agencies including the Department of Homeland Security, FEMA, Centers for Disease Control and Preventions, and the FDA depend on CoSo to secure critical communications while ensuring their workforce is trained and compliant.

Healthcare: Today, it’s ever important that healthcare professionals meet regulatory compliance by keeping up with the latest regulations, processes, and information and protect private patient data. The cost of non-compliance can mean serious OSHA penalties or HIPAA fines. Anthem Health Insurance is among the healthcare organizations that turned to CoSo to enable organizational collaboration and training that meets all regulatory requirements.

Would you like to learn more about all the certifications we’ve secured to ensure we’re able to meet every security and regulatory requirement out there? Check out this recent blog post.

Remember: effective virtual training and collaboration is more than an online meeting. Learn how CoSo Cloud helps high-consequence industries protect and secure their collaboration and training sessions here.

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