Continued Innovation Maximizes Effectiveness of the Adobe Connect Experience


August 6, 2018

CoSo Secure Private Cloud has been investing heavily in R&D and product development to help ensure Adobe Connect continues to lead the market in virtual classroom, eTraining, learning and world-class webinars.  CoSo firmly believes that Connect sets the standard for these use cases, and that the commodity plays can’t hold a candle to the functionality, user engagement and value provided.

Below is a brief summary of our current efforts to maximize the effectiveness and user experience for Adobe Connect users.

CoSo Insights In 2018, CoSo has undergone a complete rewrite of this reporting and analytics application, with all CoSo IP and development, which adds functionality, usability and new reports.  Emphasis has been placed upon building functionality valuable to the business owners as well as the Connect Admins, which most versions of Connect reporting concentrates on.  See a blog nearby from Randah McKinnie for more detail and the opportunity to become a beta customer of an exciting new release.

Global Sync A new tool super valuable for global customers.  This allows for our data centers to be synching customer data (custom rooms, PoDs, recordings, database, etc.) at regular intervals (customer chooses how often) allowing for one unified Connect implementation no matter how many data centers are serving a respective customer.  By serving customers close to the edge, latency and performance are greatly enhanced.

CoSo Control Center While not customer facing, this application provides great value for Connect customers.  CoSo’s Control Center network and data center management software allows for far better control and visibility into every customer’s private cloud environment at every level in the entire stack from CPU to network to compute to database to application, providing our data center operations team greater visibility and therefore reliability for the customer.  This world class network management application provides early warning alerts on issues that could otherwise turn into problems.

Hosted Migration Tool Adobe Connect Hosted is a great service, but often cannot meet the needs of the most demanding customers.  CoSo has recently rewritten an earlier version to make Hosted-to-CoSo migrations straight forward.  All facets of a customer’s Connect system can now be easily migrated to the CoSo secure private cloud, making these transitions seamless to end-users.  So if you have a current Hosted customer (or are a current Hosted customer) who is growing in size and complexity, rest assured that a CoSo migration poses little risk.

Software Defined Data Center This is not new this year, but continued innovation within our data center architecture provides many advantages for our customers.  One example is flexibility.  CoSo is able to “stand up” an entirely new data center in a matter of weeks versus months or years.  Stay tuned for more detail about CoSo’s leading edge cloud infrastructure and architecture which we believe sets the standard.

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