How Advanced Video-Based Learning Is Transforming Knowledge in the Enterprise


May 13, 2021

In case you haven’t noticed video-based learning is hot again.

Was it ever not hot? True, the use of video in virtual classrooms and other corporate training and eLearning sessions never really went away. But there were plenty of reasons for training managers to avoid the medium. Video requires bandwidth and if that bandwidth is suddenly not available—whether the video is being viewed on company networks or at someone’s home—the session often gets disrupted and if so, learning suffers.

Producing videos can also be expensive. Depending on your production investment, it often requires hiring people who can properly film, edit and act. And let’s face it, videos that are meant to instruct often miss the mark. If not done well, by the time the learning starts, the viewer’s mind has drifted elsewhere.

But with the combination of solutions like CoSo Cloud’s, which bring reliability to video-based training, and training managers that better understand how to better utilize the medium, video has re-emerged as a valuable tool in the trainer’s toolbox. Now it’s common to experience training programs that include advanced, high quality videos that are more interactive, immersive, and consequently more impactful.

The key to understanding advanced video-based learning’s value is knowing it’s more than just attaching a video to a training session or web conference. It’s the blending of video with other learning trends—such as microlearning and just-in-time learning—that transform video into a cutting-edge training medium. And it’s becoming more effective all the time as training managers sharpen their microlearning and just-in-time video skills, forgoing weighty, non-relevant content that used to bog down videos, such as needless introductions explaining why the forthcoming lesson was so important. Just-in-time learners already know it’s important. That’s why they’re watching. They’ve summoned this information to solve an immediate problem, and now all the video creator has to do is cut to the chase.

Another great way video is starting to show its impact is in the ad hoc building of video knowledge bases. This involves workers themselves creating videos as they show other workers how to do something. The videos are then stored and made searchable for future users. The video instruction library then grows over time. Rather than invest large blocks of time in creating a video knowledge base, workers can incorporate video instruction in their everyday work, creating videos of lessons as the need for such lessons arise. Let’s not forget video cameras are ubiquitous. They’re available across every tablet and laptop. Many of us walk around with at least two video cams in our pockets at any given time. Smartphones often come with two. We have the power to not only watch video but create it, too—from anywhere. CoSo offers its managed service customers a library of training videos and guides (i.e. the Customer Support Portal) and free of charge.

But this is just the beginning. Video is being applied to learning and training in the enterprise in all kinds of new and impactful ways. What kind of cutting-edge ways can video be applied in your learning and training program?

Learn how CoSo Cloud combines ultimate reliability and security with advanced video and other customized virtual classroom and engagement solutions to support more effective training programs here.  Or you may contact us today! 

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